Happy Easter. :-)

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I am probably going to Hell for this, even though this is a true Easter story about Jesus from the Bible.

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No, we're all probably going to Hell for that one... lol... hap-hap-happy Easter...

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks., you too. :-)

Fun Fact God isn't Real

tonyfamous responds:

what's so fun about that? :-/

lmao at that final segment of song which out of context would sound pretty twisted! Entertaining little short about asses and resurrections. Happy Easter!


tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. You too. :-)

This has to be displayed at sunday schools. Now I understand everything about the easter egg shabalaba ding dong story.

tonyfamous responds:

I'll talk to the Pope and see if we can get right on it. ;-)

Tenouttaten. TENOUTTAFUCKINTEN! This is one of the funniest Bible parodies I've ever seen. I'm gonna have "Ride that gay ass Jesus, ride that gay ass!" stuck in my head for weeks now. Someone should make a ten hour loop of that.

In all seriousness though, this is a fantastic submission. The animation's kinda simple but it looks nice. The voice acting is good and the comedic delivery is spot on. I love it.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) To be honest the song was in my head all yesterday too. :-)