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Rats On Cocaine - Ep #12

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Rats on Cocaine in Time

In which Cage & Alice confront their disgusting past.

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Ep #13 pleaseeeeew

I fucking hate that bug!

This Eps Really Went all out with the Paradox and all. I can not wait too see what awaits on the next eps. Expect Full support from me 5*/5*!!!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

Thanks, Wolfen. I'm fan of time travel stories, so I love a good paradox. My next animation will be very different, but will still heavily feature Cage & Alice. A never before seen look into the depths of my depravity. "What Price Freedom: The History of Apocalypse Cartoons".

Well, it's been 7 years since I last wrote a review for you. I'm honestly surprised to see that you're still producing these hideous works of art. In internet terms, only a handful of people have seen this...which makes a review so much more personal.

First - The visual and audio presentation...I don't see as important; it's about the content. You take us through a story; an exploration into the darkest corners you're capable of leading us; a journey for the creator and viewer alike. It's rich with content; overlapping time-lines, Freud, an omnipotent shitlord, and two main characters whose depravity has been fleshed out over a decade, who're finally given a backstory that's so dark that you have to feel empathy toward their situation...so much of humanity's darkness comes out in your work.

Second - Are you alright? Staring into the abyss blah blah blah. You make dark, twisted, violent, fucked up stuff. You've obviously spent a bit of time considering what it is that makes people fucked up. It's possible to wander far enough down that road to empathize with all sorts of heinousness. The fact that you're still creating gives me hope that your psyche is at least somewhat intact. For those that don't explore these subjects willingly, you present a good viewpoint for introduction...which is why I consider it a shame that so few have seen this.

I leave you now with two requests. First, please find a way to get your work out there more.
Second, please attempt to create something beautiful. (Just a month. Whatever you can make in a month, publish. Critics accept deadlines.)

Thank you for spending so much time creating.
- From one that only consumes.

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

I'm really enjoying these long reviews, so thank you for your time. I've been animating these cartoons for about 15 years now and I have no intention of stopping. I've got more stories and scripts lying around here than I'll ever have time to produce, so I'll try to make as many as I can before I'm forced into one of those below ground hotels.

You seem to have a very clear understanding of this story. I was worried it would be confusing, but people seem to get it. Only a friend of mine said he didn't understand, but he says that about everything I make.

Yeah, I'm great. I've dabbled in insanity, and I've had friends who have cannonballed into it, so mental instability is of great interest to me. But I'm fine now, thanks.

I agree. I've done a terrible job of publicizing myself. I always concentrated on perpetually churning out new stuff, instead of keeping up with the times and pointing out to people what I've done. Been trying to change that in the last few years. I revamped my whole website, got a proper Facebook page, I Tweet a lot. I shop my cartoons around to film festivals. And I'm working on other plans too. But I'm still being careful not to totally sell out. If someone wants me to animate a commercial for their candy bar they can go fuck themselves.

Ha, ha, yes, "beautiful". Well, that's a pretty relative term. I'm toying with some ideas for cartoons that are a bit less foul. We'll see if I get anywhere with that. But I do enjoy keeping at least one foot anchored in the profane. If you want beauty, I post new illustrations almost every week. Some of those are at least pleasant. Not the one I posted today though, that is disgusting.

Thank you for consuming. Without them I may as well be drawing this shit on the padded wall of my cell.

Well, I already wrote a review, did I? Maybe I should shut up? But then again, you keep producing, so maybe I should keep reviewing? Trust me, it's not an easy thing to do, as I want my reviews to mean as much as your animations do. But at the end of the day, it's just some random set of letters, trying to mean more than they do, so why does it bother me so much to put some few words on some random animation?

Well, there are still few things I didn't mention in my last review, so I can use this angle.
You call yourself "ApocalypseCartoons", and it's a very fitting name.
I wonder if it's ironic that some people lol at your cartoons, while others shed a tear.
I don't think you are nihilistic, but I do think that you enjoy challenging us, maybe a little way too much, and you wonder
"will they see something more than some cheap laughs?"
"will they be offended, or will they think?"
"why do I care so much? why do I keep making this cartoons? do I try to prove something to myself?"

Maybe we will care, or maybe we will not.
Well, keep doing the cartoons, and maybe I will free your soul with answer.
Or maybe I will be a villain, and keep you in cage, so you will produce even more cartoons.

Jokes asides, as much as I'm happy that people enjoy your work, I wouldn't mind seeing even more thoughtful reviews, that would be more than "lol incest, so random".
But before I will spare my soul ingredients with more helpful review, sadly, you have to grace us with more of your animated works.

I only hope I made myself clear enough.
No money, no honey, dear...

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

I very much appreciate your circumlocutious appraisal of my digital wares. And no, I'm not nihilistic anymore. Nor am I trying to challenge anyone else. Just myself. I couldn't live with myself if I just farted out easy pop parodies. Originality is a pure and holy thing these days. My moral code is my own, so I don't find most of my stuff offensive. If others do, their issues are their's to deal with. But I do hope people enjoy them. If it makes them laugh or think or smile or jizz, I don't mind which. Everyone is gonna take away something different. That's especially true of stuff that isn't easily comparable to other stuff. There's no precedent established to deal with a completely new cuntastrophe. So however people enjoy it is cool with me. But I do hope their opinions are generally favorable, as these take a lot of time and effort. As you inferred, I don't know why I keep making these. I'm not getting rich or famous. Been doing this for over a decade and I'm still way more anonymous than Anonymous. And yet, if I stop making things, I have to deal with reality, so away I go.