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Dystopia 101

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Follow in-game tutorial.

- click to select one unit.
- drag to select several
- click in menu to give orders.
- Shortcut: SPACE for intervention (once unlocked).
- Tip's tip: on level selection, click tips to have another tip.

Menace and infuse fear to make your workers work longer, and to keep them from revolting. Deprive them from sleep to prevent them from rioting.... Giving them a salary is optional, and is not recommended. Get as much funds as possible before everybody dies or get killed... And leave as a successful tyrant.

Follow the first missions to unlock new tools or upgrades to the survival mission, then try to be in the leaderboard !

Workers may revolt when "revolt" is higher than "fear".
Other stats like hunger or fatigue also have an impact on the working or revolting capacities of a worker.

Keep high levels of fear in order to keep your worker on working and earning funds for you.
Upgrade guards to overseers to upgrade your idling power: overseers will send workers to work for you and will generate fear. Works better when equipped with a stick !

To upgrade workers, build the toolbox first on foundations.

Make sure to look at the in-game tips on selection level to learn about other gameplay mechanics.

11th april UPDATE:
Added food booth at estate (free mode).
Fixed the walking dead bug.
Fixed bug on menus with dead guards.
Reduce chances of "wait" (does not take orders or notice wanted workers) action for guards.

7th april UPDATE:
added the ability to hire guards in free mode.

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what's with the foundations on the last area, sometimes they work, sometimes they become this thing that workers carry shit to and don't ever finish, but sometimes they make money doing, but mostly not. It's hardly the only glitch... it f's up everytime eventually doing something, like last time it got stuck drawing foundations, I've reloaded it like 4 times now...

minutes later... without touching it.. I have lots of $ and food. Workers been carrying rocks to the foundation, still needs 20 work left... but I heard them make money twice.. after minutes of silence, and then back to silence... wtf, more minutes, and another kaching sound... it continues like this.

Cool idea, wonky controls and code. I can't tell if they're menacing workers or not because I can click the button 10x without it stopping me. Sometimes the workers won't go over to the oranges at all.

The idea was cool but it wasn't handled as well as I should have been.

Concept was interesting but lacked polish. Some dead bodies managed to fly/swim across the screen. Why can't I make a food distributor with my estate? Also, the only weapon is a stick. Very limited options, especially with influencing guard movement or crowd control options, but I loved managing the forced work camp. What could be better maybe is a full prison tycoon management game with incidents and coordinating the population and guards.

Having all guards dead I payed one of the corpses and it stood up. Death is a new way to rebel seems.
Also, no way to hire a guard yet, frustrating.

Good concept, could use a bit of balance.

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3.14 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2015
4:01 AM EDT