Sonic Boom Sings Katamari

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This is my first animation on NewGrounds, originally uploaded on youtube in 2014 on my old channel, but it's on my new youtube free to watch. This bothers me because this video is 12 fps and this was the time that I sadly didn't know that you can set up the fps, wow....

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it was good, kinda short but fun enough, and oh katamari.... such good times

The drawings were a bit crude and a few of the brush strokes were very messy on the close up.

I noticed a gaps you forgot to color on sonic's hat.

Sometimes gaps are unavoidable because of how flash function; However, a close inspection on each drawing can help with figuring out how to fix gaps.

You can use the zoom in function of flash to spot gaps and use the paint bucket for gap fixing.

You can also use the brush tool for other kinds of gaps.

Do whatever you can to fix gaps of uncolored areas.

The mouth animations appeared to be very choppy.

It wouldn't be so noticeable if the same mouth flaps weren't recycled so extensively.

The animated loop of sonic playing the flute didn't bother when compared to your mouth flaps.

You had good chooses in colors and even applied shadows to create a more polished look.

I have one small criticism.

Where is the light source coming from?

each character standing together will have different shadows because they are each standing in different spots.

I noticed the shadows on each character looked uniform in appearance.

Each character is standing beside one another will also cast some shadows.

Try taking sonic the hedgehog toys and observe how they interact with different light.

Go outside and observe the lights and shadows in real life.

Observe the direction of light and how it effects shadows.

Observe indoor lights and how it effects shadows.

Play around with a lamps and move light around.

Use a camera to really observe light and shadows.

I wouldn't recommend adding shadows to first movies unless the light source can easily be understood.

The backgrounds would also have lights and shadows to compliment the characters as well.

I love you synchronized the animation with music.

You made a good first movie but your work could still use a bit of polishing and refinement.

I hope this review provides a useful guide for creating better looking movies.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.

- Mightydein

SirLenward responds:

Thanks for the information it means a lot. Quote on Quote this is probably the animation I'm the most proud this past year, comparing to my other wonderful creations, not really....