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A Tour of the Universe

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A musical journey through the solar system.

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Okay, not bad... There are a few points that could (and maybe should) be worked on.
First, I might recommend you decide if you're touring the Solar System, the Milkyway Galaxy, or a major portion of the Known Universe... Then start some research as to what ALL you can manage to fit into the tour. It's perfectly fine to tour just the Solar System. There's a huge great amount of information about it readily available all over the place.
If on the other hand, you'd rather take a truly intergalactic journey, it's going to either be a LOT longer, or you'll barely be able to brush over a few sights. Further, in either case, I might suggest the occasional 'momentary pause' and something either spoken or in text about whatever you're showing. A little bit of trivia would make any such journey more impressive a show of yourself as a respectable animator/scientist-esque mind, as well as add something interesting to the show.
Second, there's a huge great amount more colors and hues, even to just the Solar System than I saw here. Now, maybe you're looking to imitate the earlier videos from NASA and other exploration efforts... BUT I would caution you as an artist against that. The real trick to becoming a 'great' artist is to build your own style, not to mimic much of anything. It's okay to have influences. Everyone does, but the greats didn't imitate. Stars come in a wide array of colors and sizes, upwards past Aetta Carinae (forgive the spelling) which is millions of times larger than our sun. Betelgeuse (the left shoulder of Orion) is a Red Giant, soon to go Nova... and so on.
Third, research and develop. Get some names (like the ones I mentioned) and find pic's. Then study and practice drawing, painting, and interpreting those pic's on your own. There are more than just spiral galaxies out there. There are even galactic collisions, including predicted (like Andromeda crashing into the Milky Way) ongoing, and the aftermath of those from the past. Evidence has been photo'ed. You only need to look and download. You'll find articles about them attached, and there's where you can gleen a few interesting tid-bits about the stuff you're looking up. (Check out the Horsehead Nebula, Pillars of Creation, and other beautiful places)
Forth, and it can't be stressed enough for a project this ambitious, storyboard, Storyboard, STORYBOARD. You will not regret having manageable chunks of this project to do at a time, and regular (even lengthy) breaks to breathe and relax in between.

Now finally, this wasn't bad. Honestly, it's nice to see something from a more explorative perspective. Something different and even ambitious. It might've been a little too ambitious for an early attempt, but don't beat yourself up about that. Maybe try just the Solar System tour and a few interesting things to stop and see as we dive in to circle the Sun and Mercury on our way around and out to the Ort Cloud... Have a little fun with it. The animation did seem to give a sort of 'runaway spaceship' feel, so that was good. Now the soundtrack... um... might just be something in the connection or at my end, but the music started way-late. It made me jump as the speaker suddenly started blaring and I was expecting this to be a silent film by then...lol...
Anyways, I'm just hoping among that wealth of suggestions, you can find something helpful and constructive. I'd definitely look forward to something like this in the future, to see what else you might do with it.

Well, those were really cool effects, but honestly, not much more.

Don´t get me wrong, I really like the style, and the animation is gorgeous, but I didn´t feel like the whole thing was going anywhere. It felt more like an opening to a FTL travel SciFi story.

Maybe you should try and make something similar, but with a plot of sorts. As it stands, this is beautifully crafted from a technical standpoint, but barely uses any of it´s potential.

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4.79 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2015
2:03 AM EDT
Music Video