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VG Man - Role Playing

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Whilst conversing with Glenn, Ivan comes across a theory that he can control his surroundings, similar to how he is able to be controlled. And even though it is explained that this is his purpose as a video game character, he is right. After Glenn permanently defeats Mr. Boss, the roles reverse, thus, Ivan has the ability to control Glenn, and the world. But now they must find out how to change things back...

This is the really the first real collab I've done; and I must say, I'm happy with this one. This is the result of over a year of on-and-off work, therefore, a range of different drawing styles; I tried to be generally consistent, but there are subtle changes throughout the video.

But I couldn't have done this myself; thanks to my sister (Burning Blueness, responsible for title art, theme song, and character design http://burningblueness.newgrounds.com/), jaysummers (for his awesome song at the montage scene http://jaysummers759885.newgrounds.com/), and Plasmarift and Ultimaburnie (for their voice talents, http://plasmarift.newgrounds.com/ and http://ultimaburnie.newgrounds.com/). The ambient music was by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/). Also, thank you all, for watching. :D

I hope that these efforts pay off, and you will all enjoy this episode. If so, then I will be kindly obliged to make another episode.

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I really love the concept, especially since you were brave enough to come forward and create something with it. My only complaint is, obviously, the animation. It was scripted and acted superbly, and I can see some real potential in you. Keep it up dudebro.

Agent64 responds:

Sorry I'm late (I barely check anymore), but thanks, bra ^-^

This movie displayed a lot of enthusiasm and has shown clear signs of effort.

I found the drawings to be a bit amateurish; However, your experiment with using multiple camera angles created a more polished movie.

Good strong poses help with creating lively animation.

You weren't afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

If only more artists shown the very same lack of fear.

I hope this review provides you with useful criticism for future growth.

Keep up, the good work.

- Mightydein

Agent64 responds:

And, yes, your constructive criticism is quite useful. I will not argue that there are quite a few animation flaws, but in my defense, I did start this project quite a while ago, and I definitely draw much different now. However, I wanted it to look consistent, so that's why I used the rather amateur drawing style I started with.

Animation isn't great, but the voice acting is pretty good, and so is the writing. Nice work :)

Agent64 responds:

Thanks! ;)
The animation will hopefully be better in the second episode, because I started this a year and a half ago. XD