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This is the first episode of The Adventures of Frank and Perry.

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I like the unique art style, but the dialogue is very hard to follow.

This movie's very unique, it's kind of gross and creepy but at the same time it's charming; the characters talking to eachother are like any normal conversation people would have but with the visuals it turns into something completely different.

I've checked some other movies you've done so it's nice to see you have maintained the same style throughout.

I wish this wouldn't loop forever (unless that's the point, to have them do the same thing over and over again but maybe that wasn't what you were going for), Newgrounds offers you some pre-loaders so your animations won't keep looping, http://www.newgrounds.com/downloads/preloaders/

It's been about four years since there's been any kind of activity here on Newgrounds on your part, but I've recently been on your website where the rest of your content, as well as other animations that aren't on Newgrounds, are on there.

In fact, I'd also just found out you have a YouTube account since late December of last year, and been recently posting your animations on it. The sound quality of the videos upload to YouTube are much better than on Newgrounds, so it's great how you got that cleaned up!

Guess what I'm trying to say is welcome back! I've only recently become an admirer of your work, but I do remember watching The Undead, which introduced me to your stuff. Since then, I've come to realize that your work consists of monsters, odd situations, dark concepts, mythological creatures, death, and open to interpretation stories.

Desert follows this tradition.

The story revolves around two characters, Frank and Perry, who live in a desert isolated from everybody else, or so it seems.

There is a distinct atmosphere of restlessness, dissatisfaction, the feeling of powerlessness, and existentialism. There is no music of any kind in the background, only the sounds of the characters speaking, eating, sleeping, digging, and the desert winds blowing outside.

You've always carried a distinct art style in your work, and the designs of the characters and the settings show that. In the beginning, there was a realism to it, a bit later it became more to abstract, and now its... Grotesque and for lack lack of a better term, ugly. And I think it's pretty awesome!

The scene with the armless and legless creature was so random, but that's where you and your work shine. Oftentimes your characters are in mind boggling situations that seemingly don't make any sense because it seems to be completely out of context with what's going on, but there's something to be said about those "random" moments. They make sense.

I know what it's like to be asleep. That scene really hit home what I've been feeling for the past six years now. Completely asleep, I feel like I'm never here. And for a time I thought I just ought to be put six feet under because I really didn't feel anything. So much so that whenever I crossed the street, I never really gave a second thought about the cars passing by because I didn't care if they hit me or not.

It's terrible when you don't care, but it's a thousand times worse when you're incapable of caring.

It does suck to feel like you're sleepwalking throughout your life, you hate it. You don't happiness but you also don't you feel sadness, which should be good but it isn't. What's awful is that you know that sometime, somewhere in the past you were happy, that you did feel, and you were alive and it was real. And now it's like it's all one big shadow mocking you.

The scene alone was something of a masterpiece.

Thank you.

noiserover responds:

Thanks for the great review! this cartoon stemmed from some crappy experieces but is one of my favorites. I'm finishing a new one and, even though that means absolutely nothing because I've said it so many times without result, it actually is happening this time:)

i really like the animation style man, the enviroment, characters and facial expressions are really cool dude :D
the dialogues were vague and deep but in a good way.
good job mate

noiserover responds:


wow dude, this... this is so amazing and unique. The style of the characters, the voice over. I might not of seen much animation but this looks really original. Its so mysterious, and like chill, and depressing. the characters look (mostly the big guy) disturbing but the vibe of the whole animation just makes it a part of the atmosphere and you just go with it, instead of being disturbed by the visuals you get amazed by them just by how much it fits the whole vibe of the animation. Bravo! I LOVE THIS!
cant wait for more

noiserover responds:

Thanks, yeah I'm going to post the second one soon. Its pretty crazy

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2015
3:06 PM EDT