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Yonder Ho! - Episode 6

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Yonder Ho! - Episode 6 - Sand Ocean - Part I

Pete's sister comes to town and she's broke and jobless. With the help of her brother, and her trusty fox, she journeys across the Rajaz desert in search a new start. Will they survive?

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Hah, this was a strangely exciting, nay, randomly entertaining voyage through the barren, nay, bantered and battered landscapes of the the plain, nay, great sandy void! Featuring a surplus, nay, a well-thought out amount of fun, nay, of comedy, of sun and pun and a myriad, nay, a plethora of interesting styles! The wavy dunes at the end, the detailed shadowy blue surfaces in the dark, the intermissions, the bag with unlimited storage supply, there really is a lot going on here, kept me entertained all the way through. Keep it going!


Bertn1991 responds:

I'm smiling :D

This is the best, nay, the single greatest review of the year, nay, the century, nay, EVER!!! Thank you so so much for your kind words! You're the best : )

Truly a fantastic cartoon. I've watched the other episodes and I have to say this shows a lot of potential. You've got some pretty solid voice actors so far. One thing I would say is try to improve on the art as much as you can but other than that I think you've really got something here.

Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you : D I will tell them you said that! And yes, I know the art is sorta lazy at times. I'll work on that. But yeah, thanks again for you kind words!!!

Pete has a distinct voice that can only belong to him.

A good voice often breathes life into any fictional character.

I've often seen cartoon characters from other shows with the same voice.

Another character could speak in pete's voice and my mind will only accept it as pete.

The voice actors in this series have different degrees of acting talent.

The voice acting in this episode was especially good.

This episode has recently established that pete has an older sister.

You've utilized that new information to reveal more of pete's personality.

How pete interacts with his long lost sister plays an important role in character development.

I like how the commercial breaks have eye catchers now.

I love how your utilization of mario paint for these eye catchers.

Perhaps, you could utilize mario paint as additional tool for creating new episodes.

Some of the pixilated drawing could spend a bit more time in clean up.

I've noticed white spots around the drawing outline in some places.

Those white spots can often be difficult to clean up.

You sometimes need to erase individual pixels in a delicate manner.

Would it be possible to apply a solid background color that matches your background color scheme?

Blue spots in a blue background would be much more difficult to discern.

Your drawings look best when those white spots were eliminated.

The length of these episodes often take away time from cleaning up drawings.

You managed to work around missing sections of audio in a humorous manner.

The entire episode was very silly and was often a bit weird.

Objects sometimes exploded without a logical reason.

I would prefer to see hand drawn explosions rather than using premade gifs.

Perhaps, you could have traced each frame of those live action explosions.

I love the variety of background styles used for this movie.

Ending on cliff-hanger and will likely keep your audience in suspense for the next episode.

I would recommend making use of serial elements in your series more often.

You could make references to pervious episodes to add more depth to the story.

Try to include more elements of serialization while maintaining stand alone story of each episode.

Do whatever you can to keep your audience in suspense and leave em wanting more.

I will be reviewing the next episode soon.

- Mightydein

Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks for another well written, honest review, Might D!

Yes, my sister does Pete's voice. It's obviously a girl's voice, but it just seems to work for him. I can't imagine him having any other voice. I'm lucky to have friends with actual acting experience, luckier still, they work for free ; )

Mario Paint is how I got into cartoons and music and pretty much every creative thing I do today, so I pay tribute to that. It's very special to me. I would kill to have some of my old cartoons back. Oh, I actually did make a full 4 minute cartoon using Mario Paint. It was an episode of the show that came before Yonder Ho. I might upload those as well, though, they very stupid and had ZERO writing. Gotta start somewhere I suppose. I still make that show, though, not as often. There's about 70 episodes.

I'm afraid those spots you speak of will be around for awhile longer, but I will work to eliminate them in the episode I'm working on. Spoiler alert, it's about giant cats!

I will work on drawing my own explosions. They're not that hard to make, they just look sorta weird they way I draw them.

Yes, there will be a lot of continuity between episodes for the foreseeable future. Maybe it's hard to tell, but there is an overall story arch. It's about Pete looking for his parents, and the final episode will conclude things and tie all the episode together, though, that will be a long time from now. There was an episode that suppose to come after the fourth, but I didn't finish it. It was about Pete's parents going missing. It wasn't funny so I stopped working on it. It was kinda sad.

I am very grateful to have you as a fan. I will pay homage to you in some form or another in the episode I'm working on, so look out for that! It'll be awhile I'm afraid. It takes months to make a single episode as I have school and stuff. The first episode was made in 5 days! But they general take quite awhile.

Thanks again, Mighty. Nothin' but respect : )

Credits & Info

4.60 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2015
5:34 PM EDT