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Into the Castle 2

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Author Comments

Bowsers back and shit so megaman does a thing again. Can the day be saved?

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Hell I love it
because its classic and u tried
its classic and a great idea

You're learning. The animation is getting a bit smoother and your fight scene was much better this time. Your sprites don't look great; are you exporting at 100% image quality in your publish settings? You can also increase your sound quality the same way (the default setting for both is 80% i believe).

Anyway, this is much better than your first. The fight was more balanced and exciting. I would add some more special fx in your next flash. When an object lands, try animating a small dust cloud. When Megaman shoots, add 1 or 2 frames of flash on his armor. When Bowser's fireball crashes into something, try adding some smoke effects. Some of your sound fx were off too; they sounded like you were using your mouth and a cheap mic. There are great sound fx websites out there. Flashkit.com is a good start. If you want to go for consistency, try only using Mario and Megaman sound fx, filling in with other generic sounds only when you don't have another option.

I hope this info helps. Don't take it too hard, as you've made a lot of progress already. Looking forward to your next one :)

MoeMoeTheAbler responds:

No I understand completely. Some of the MegaMans and a Bowser I actually drew. Others were just copy pasted due to laziness on my part. I dont know what you mean by publish setting though. I use Adobe Flash CS3 and im not that great with it. (As you can see) Believe it or not I made most of the soundeffects myself. (Thats why they were off) Thank you though, Ill make sure I do all I can to touch things up a bit and make them look better in the future!

I enjoyed this. Nice seeing Megaman taking on Bowser and Kamek, visuals were okay but the action for what it was, I liked it.

MoeMoeTheAbler responds:

Thanks bud. Like I said with cavern dude it looks a little bit better on my youtube channel. Mainly because I used a different file when I uploaded it.

Hey, I saw your first Into The Castle and I like your motivation to continue making movies! :)

The animation quality wasn't exactly brilliant, but it was fun to watch, and it looks like you put a lot of time into it. Also, I like the classic Mega Man and Mario games. So I'll give it 3.5/5 stars.

MoeMoeTheAbler responds:

Thanks dude I appreciate it. The quality comes up weird on here but on youtube its better I promise. If you would like to see both into the castles in better quality you should check out my youtube channerl. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jaDC_zCzntPS0JgoSxP-g

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2015
3:36 PM EDT