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[SFM] No Fear

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Moral of the Story: Remember kids, don't do what the man in the cowboy hat did in this video.

Here we go, another old project of mine. If you like this video, take a few seconds and poke your rating! However, if you disliked this video, you are entitled to your own opinion and can vote it down. This video is based off of Team Fortress 2, so if you don't know what that is, I'd recommend that you look it up.

This video was made using Source Filmmaker, and the voice lines come from Valve, so please don't sue me.

The song is called "Bass Dreams" by King of Bass. I am not him/do not own the song, so once again and forever more, please don't sue me.

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Maybe instead of sweating out the hours to come up with something completely new, I'd just suggest you dig back into this one. I'm used to the cryptic and unusual, so it's hard to shake me off in a difficult plot. I truly believe you just need to take the self discipline and patience (especially now that you've posted older works like this) and revisit to show and see for yourself how far you have grown since then. Even if you don't rest on your laurels, you should not throw them to the side either. You'll sooner find yourself wringing hands and remarking at how hard it is to make something new.
Hope to see you continue to grow and mature as an artist. This really has potential, it just didn't get quite there.

Zelpai responds:

Thanks, I'll keep trying to get up there eventually!

Listen, I know that this is old and all. You can follow the story and it does in some way makes sense. The point is, you will make better. You have the tools, now all you need is the experience. I think you can make something amazing. Just hold tightly to your creative will and I'm sure over time you can make so to a higher caliber (god knows it's taking me a while to get there). Until then, keep studying and improving! I'll definitely be watching.

Zelpai responds:

Thanks a lot! I'll keep working my hardest to make even better SFMs!

Bad sfms don't make sense. Good sfms don't make sense but at least you can follow.

Zelpai responds:

The story could've used some touching up, but it is what it is. I'll be making more SFMs soon, and I'll try my best to make the story a bit clearer, too.

This was... bland. Sorry dude, you need purpose behind that peashooter.

Zelpai responds:

Yeah... this was an older SFM, I am improving as I make more, though.

decent editing and a sad ending :c haha, pretty good though

Zelpai responds:

Thanks! I'll keep trying to make them better in the future.

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2015
9:08 AM EDT