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Yonder Ho! - Episode 2

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Yonder Ho! - Episode 2 - Blue John's Moving Walrus.

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Nice again

So here was another part of the adventure I do have to say I like the art style but do think some added subtitles could be a nice option here hope you have continued this story even more, anyways nice work here.

Some subtitles would be cool


Roy Haggard keeps making cameos! And this keeps getting stranger... love the horspitality pun... and neigh-bor-ing one, this is where the cats first make an appearance huh, and the first female VA, feels strange to see so detailed faces at times with such round hands, first re-occurring character too woo, hope you got some product placement on that 7 Up, sceneries are really getting a facelift already, his favoritest arm is called Riley hmm - wonder if that's been mentioned later on, and I wonder if those scribbles on the wall at the end actually mean anything... there's my rapid bundle of impressions for this one.

Thorough work overall, feels like it's turning into the Yonder Ho! of current times pretty fast...


I stopped at the second "we're so high" because i thought this was getting suggustive. :/

but then i kept watching .-.

Bertn1991 responds:

Well thanks for staying on board. I 'preciate it! If you can believe it, I'm completely drug-free. I just thought it'd be funny to include that line. But anyways, thanks for watching :D

The later episodes are better I promise, though, episode 3 is kinda sucky. You can stick around if you want. I got a new 'sode coming out that's pretty okay :^)

Yay pirates!

Bertn1991 responds:

Pirates, huh? I must've missed that.

You had plenty of very imaginative situations in the entire movie and a lot of genuine effort went into the movie.

The music used for this movie was very beautiful and served well for establishing mood.

A lot of experimentation went into the movie and certain scenes made your crude drawings look better.

The movie was also very long in terms of run time.

I rarely ever seen newgrounds submissions make an entire half hour episode of their cartoon series.

The increased length kinda hurts your movie in certain places since some scenes tend to drag.

Increased length also eliminated opportunities to fine tune certain drawings.

The increased length also helped your movie in certain places.

You gave your audience an opportunity to learn what makes each character tick.

Character development sometimes needs extra time to be of service towards the plot.

Spending more time in the rewriting stages can often eliminate filler and will significantly simplify production ten fold.

I look forward to seeing new episodes of your series.


Bertn1991 responds:

Thanks, Mighty. I'm very grateful that someone took the time to watch my little cartoon show and give their thoughts. I know they're pretty long, so thank you for taking the time to watch 'em : )

I will be uploading an episode daily for a little while. So far I have 9 made and working on episode 10. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. I can tell you are sincere and honest, and I really appreciate that. I'm not sure if you'll like episode 3. It's not my favorite episode to be honest.