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Rabbit Hole 4

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Please tell me what you want to see happen in the next animation and I'll see what I can do

If don't know who the dog is you should check out Emily Youcis's stuff:

Also, the music that briefly plays is "Death Grips - I've Seen Footage"

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Wow very smooth animation, to bad I can’t animate as good as that. :(

Weird approach but it was pretty good the alfred cameo was cool too each animal was well animated and paced and in addition the audio was good as well Nice use of cell shaded 3D in the movie too shows real skill. I can appreciate the effort here

Alienslushie responds:

There was no cell shaded 3D! Just frame by frame and motion tweens + my tricks

lol, oh Alfred.

Kind of Weird but interesting. What kind of animal that characters that coming one by one? They were a little weird but cute. Did i see Alfred making a cameo? Nice job by the way

Alienslushie responds:

Yes you did see Alfred! The strange animal is a rat with a cylinder shaped skull.

wtf did i just watch?