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Celesticlysm Credits

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Two years ago, I posted a mockup of a potential crossover sprite series called "Project: Celestial Fuse". With the relatively positive reactions I received, I considered proceeding with the project.

However due to several hard drive crashes and university work, it was put on an indefinite haitus.

The only thing I managed to save was an ending/credits sequence. It's an iteration of the first ending sequence from Fullmetal Alchemist (2003).

It might as well be put to rest. The concept I had put together was way over scoped out of proportions. Still, there were a limited few who were actually looking forward to this and I feel obligated to at least share what little I managed to produce.

It's not lost forever, but I'm weighed down by a lot of life duties and lack of motivation.

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I always root for these kind of projects. The key is to remain focused and know what you are doing. You'll get it, just make sure you make some progress all the time.

Wow that was cheesy. There was just like one of those music album covers. But it does look fun. But maybe you should have a little less anime perhaps?