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Joe vs the Environment

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Thanks so much for the FP!!

Guinea Something Good teams up with Pocoyo to present a special episode for Earth Hour 2015: "Joe vs the Environment"!

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This was pretty funny, but seems a bit strawman-y. I understand it's supposed to be cartoony, and it is, but it still seems a bit biased.
I still like your animation style/writing style a lot though, and the message is nice!

5/5 stars

Okay, for the last time GLOBAL WARMING ISN'T REAL. If anything, it has been getting hotter on summer and colder in winter.

WaldFlieger responds:

So your disagreement is that the climate is...CHANGING??

How did you get pocoyo? o_O

They should show this in schools. My boyfrined's daughter said she saw a Pocoyo cartoon in school so why not this one?