Xcom - Squad of Squaddies

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Getting tired of those squaddies? watch this and figure out why...

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I liked it very much, I never played xcom though

Lol, sums up my early Xcom experiences... more please :D

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izziedegans responds:

Thank you!

Haha, a good show of how to do everything wrong! Don't know about the game in particular, or squaddies, but it was an entertaining watch nevertheless. Nicely animated!


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izziedegans responds:

Tnx cd! Glad you liked it. The game itself has been one of my personal favorites. Definately worth a try, if your into strategygames and such.

I loved the quote at the start; that was a nice touch. I like how you showed the reticule when the character moved, and that you managed to make the alien seem so non-threatening. I wish you had the 4th class represented though; I'd love to see all of them damn squaddies in action!

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izziedegans responds:

Thank you for noticing those details. Haha I've also been messing a lot with the idea of adding the support class at first, but I was afraid it would get a bit repetitive in the 'missing the alien' part, that after the third strike and miss I think people be like 'yeah, ok, they all miss or fuck up, we get it'. The original idea of adding a support was having him throw a smokebomb that would miss, and bounce back from a tree on his head, knocking him in a 'panick' state where he would just cuddle up sucking on his thumb...

Excellent short. Avengedjoker mentioned the camera, but I think it's fine. Does a lot in the way of making fun of the cinematic camera during sprints and such. Other than that, I agree that the voices need a litte work. I definitely sympathize, as I've lost many a squaddie due to them not knowing what sights are. Or what aiming is. Or what guns are, for that matter.

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izziedegans responds:

Pfiew! Thanks for the kind words absoluteDETH, glad you saw what I was going for. And yeah, squaddies suck assbombs ;)

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Mar 18, 2015
5:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody