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On a desert planet, far away from Earth, someone is stalking your facebook profile...


In space no one can like your post..? :/ If the wifi's working all the way to Earth, that one part doesn't seem to make any sense hmm hmm... didn't he just chat with that other guy? I love the idea, but it feels like you're not making the most of it, like that punchline at the end isn't a real punchline. When his wifi's working, it feels weird he'd be so afraid. Does he automatically assume he's being stalked by an alien lifeform because he can communicate with someone from Earth? The destroyed equipment isn't shown until later, and even after that tagged photo... nothing really happens. Animation's good, idea's great, I like that background interplantary sunset but... feels like potential for so much more!


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Spinne responds:

I agree! I have totaly messed up with this one... sometimes I rush to make films and I spend little time to figure out the story. Thanks for the review - you have no idea how much it helps me to improve!

How can a planet be rich on oil without life on it? Oil is produced of dead animals and plants..

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Spinne responds:

Well you got me here buddy :D :D :D but lets just say that there was once life on this planet and it all died leaving only the oil.

Interesting but my alarm messed up the video and I gave up so benefit of the doubt.

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I'm usually not a big fan of people using stock-images for backgrounds, but the animation makes up for it so I'm not complaining. This movie was surprisingly suspenseful. I kept thinking some kind of jump scare was going to happen. Good job man! :)

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3.33 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2015
3:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original