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TidBits 6 Moon Phases

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Support my work on Patreon to keep this show going, and to help me continue working on my art in general here: http://www.patreon.com/andrewkaiko ! :D

Why does the moon appear to change its shape in a cycle every month? No it's not the Sandman, or a pink bunny rabbit, but SHADOWS! Norm stays up a bit late to explain the moon phases!

This episode showcases art by comic artist Charles A. Brubaker. You can see more of his art and news by clicking here http://bakertoons.tumblr.com/ !

Tidbits with Norm & Cory is an edutainment series featuring the 2 furry critters from the animated short, Norm & Cory! Aimed at middle-school students in science class, or just any curious child thirsty for knowledge, Norm guides them through an intro course comprised of 1-minute episodes with his pupil Cory! The Patreon campaign won't just be for Tidbits either. From time to time I'll also add still drawings, comic pages, and other videos.

A new episode will be added at least once a month on the children's video site, BatteryPOP! Uploads on YouTube for the same episode will follow!

Norm & Cory (C) 2003-2015 Andrew Kaiko All rights reserved

Watch the original animated short here https://vimeo.com/79856701 !

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A nice segment of educating entertainment featuring these cute cartoon characters! The disc spin almost made me dizzy despite such short duration, but overall: great work. I know these are all things I've learned in school (maybe not about the word itself hmm) but it's so easily forgotten! Good for all ages.


Tell us about covert ops in the 1960s and their effect on the sociocultural landscape of the years following Lennon's assassination. Tell us the stories of the American civilians the government slipped acid to for psychological warfare testing. Tell us about the clock tower. I want to see your furries tell the truth in character without getting sick.

this ois a nice way for children to learn things

Another great submission. Very well animated and voiced. I'm looking forward to more from this series.

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4.19 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2015
8:48 PM EDT