Storm Ryder

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Well this is a short collaboration video we made, we are all newbies to everything (the software the newgrounds the everything), but highly passionate about art and animation! We hope yall like it :P


Blowing up even helicopters with blades, that was something new! :) Intense battle!


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Not too bad overall really. I like the animation style and the perspective. Although the story could use a little more work and be fleshed out a bit. And some of the visuals could of been a little better. The action shots were cool so I think if you made the drawings a little more crisp then it would be more flashy and crisp. Anyway good job!

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GCCStudios responds:

thank you RaptorVenom for your honest review, we will work more on the story and try to improve the art artwork for a better animation, this was our first animation and we hope to post more soon

Pretty cool movie but I would try to make a more polished looking city to make more impressive visuals.

Most people draw their cities as a series of rectangle buildings with windows and it is common mistake.

Actual cities have different kinda building structures and are extremely difficult to draw.

I would recommend looking at reference material of cities and than observe carefully while drawing.

If you live in an actual city than you have the luxury of grabbing some portable art supplies and than using the out doors as part of your reference material.

I once gone to the woods and started to look at actual trees as reference material for drawings.

It requires patience to draw from any kind of reference material.

Buildings are very hard to draw and that advice was merely a small nit pick about your movie.

I would have liked to have seen the actual helicopter getting cut by the sword.

You used the animation short cut of a darkened screen with slashes acting as colorful lights.

It's a very effective animation shortcut and I won't discourage you from using that technique.

Sometimes the darkened screen with colorful light slashes looks cool in a certain instances.

Rewatch the intro of the teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon from the 1980's for example of a cool colorful light slashes.

Observe the part in the intro's visuals of the four turtles falling from the sky.

The turtles swing their weapons as they fall towards the earth and than finally Leonardo slashes downwards with his sword.

The screen darkens and you see leonardo's sword slash as light moving downwards.

That same sword slash also acts as a scene transition at the same time.

I'm trying to describe that very cool slash effect used in the intro of teenage mutant ninja turtles.

It's a very cool effect and you should consider borrowing it.

I liked the running cycle of the black ninja and how he leaped from one building to another.

The helicopter looked very cool and showing the storyboard used in the end credits was a nice touch.

Those were small insignificant nitpicks about your movie because the overall packaging was very cool.

You made an excellent first movie.


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GCCStudios responds:

thank you for your honest review, we will be sure to make a proper follow up on the background art as in more detailed design on the buildings...we are also glad you liked the short movie,it was more of a demo just to see if we could try to make pull off something good from our artwork
will be sure to adhere to all necessary changes and thanks again for your review

This is actually pretty good, the visuals, the audio, the movement, etc. The only thing that I recommend is that you flesh out the story a little more next time. Besides that, good job.

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GCCStudios responds:

thank you, this was initial a demo movie just to test if we could actually animate using Adobe Flash, we have a learnt a thing or two so far and promise to upload more better looking and longer videos

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Mar 12, 2015
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