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Huff 'n' Puff

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Our short for Titmouse's 5 Second Day 2015. Co-directed by Kat Ruzics and Allison Craig. Character Design, storyboard, animation by Kat Ruzics. Animation and Compositing by Allison Craig. Backgrounds by Derek Kosol. Cleanup by Ryan Deluca. Sound Editing by Leon Ingram. Title Design by Josh Lusby.

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"Sometimes our greatest enemies are our greatest friends!" -Some guy said this.

Holy fuck 10/10 I cried at the end

Aww, short but sweet!

Finish it. Looks nice, but nothing happens. You've got a full team of special little friends and this is all you can put out? Stop gossiping about your sex adventures and giggling about how wonderful life is and make something together. For fuck's sake.

I have to say, this is probably one of the cleanest, smoothest animations I've seen. The transitions between the fighting animations was great, and the tea scene made me laugh, the sound design was very well done, and it gave a sense of comedy, action, and general kindness all in a short period of time. The only problem I have with this is that it was a little too jarring between some of the scenes, and I felt as though the conclusion wasn't given nearly as much time as it should have, but given the format and the content you were making it for, it's totallly understandable