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NWAR: Vision Quest

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Detective Nwar show shows true colors.

See more on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/filmnwar


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I feel sad for them now, only being able to see the world in black, grey, and white

punched joke with colrs cool!

"Don't hear voices", because he narrate everything anybody tells him, right?

I was excepting the plot twist to be due to his colorblindness, but showing the world in color is great, too!

Fun fact: did you know Comic Sans was originally developed for the Microsoft Bob, an OS designed as an interior of a house, for kids, which totally flopped? On with the episode review: loved it. The part with color wasn't just full of colorful puns but of actually... color! The one thing I'd never expected to see in this series! It looked great, I enjoyed the shifting tint along with the wording, and how it all fades away... in true noir style... was expecting that one vial to glow with color at the end though, like certain things sometimes do in modern B&W movies (thinking Sin City here). Anyway, very nicely done, puns, story; animation, the whole spectrum of art. Looking forward to the next one!


This was simply wonderful story telling. I was wondering if you'd run out of coloured phrases lol.
The animation matched perfectly.