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Anthro Wolf and Cat

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Wow! This animation is awesome, i'm fascinated, i really liked the voices and their expressions, 5 stars! You deserve it.

Hey! How i can join the furaffinity site?

Okay I will start with the positives first then the negatives.

Positives: You have great voice acting and the sound is very crisp. It's VERY hard to get clear voice recordings from others, I have tried and there's always some horrible unfiltered crap in the background. You have an okay color scheme.

Negatives: The character's heads are constantly changing shape and size, and I don't mean the obvious like side view and front view (those are obviously going to differ in size on animals like wolves.) What I am talking about is the inconsistency in the design. The Wolf's head in times; 0:38 , 0:54 and 1:24 all look very different in design. The anatomy of both character's are a bit flawed. From 1:04 - 1:08 the arm and the hand of the Lynx are out of proportion.

What I really recommend is practicing drawing people in real life to grasp good anatomy and perhaps pick up some good anatomy books at the store or library. A Japanese friend who does professional manga recommended a book to me a few years back called: Figure Drawing for All It's Worth. Check it out if you can. Also, try videotaping people or getting videos from youtube or other video sites and study the action in a program that lets you look at each frame (like VirtualDub.) Lastly, make a set of the characters heads from ALL angles. If you are near a zoo and they have Lynx or wolves there try sketching them from every possible angle (the best time to go to the zoo and see the animals up close is VERY early in the morning, like right when the zoo opens.) you can also videotape them.

Very last note, I understand you put a lot of work into this, I should know, frame by frame animation is no easy feat. I did a 2 minute animation a few years back and it took 2 months to complete, and this was without barely any sleep. Keep working at it and you will improve a lot!

RiffDumpster88 responds:

OK, so all that advice about animation is great, but the problem is I'm not the one who animated this... I commissioned this animation (like I stated in the description). I did the voice of the wolf, the soundtrack, the script, and the post production effects.

ok i think this its awsome !!! my only problema was that i wantvd to see more of it , i really hope we get to see the hole story , yhis short has so much potencial

notes to the auther : if someone told you you were good at this they were right

wow, this was very well put together. you could really feel the emotion and the atmosphere. you should expand more on the situation displayed in this animation, you got something going here

Voice actings crisp and full of intent, and the animation smooth and atmospheric, but it does feel pretty out of context. Without the rest of the story along with it, or maybe some flashback/introduction, it feels like the atmosphere doesn't build up as well as it could. Jumping right into the scenario is like glancing out the window and seeing someone walk by, or walking past people and catching a trail of conversation, you don't have time to really grow attached to the characters, or feel impacted iby what they're saying. And it seems there's more to the story than dialog. ;) Does get me curious about what's really going on though. Keep it going!


Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2015
6:50 AM EDT