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This was my 3rd year film at RIT.

I animated it all in TVP and AfterEffects. It was my first time really using either of those programs for a large project so it was a challenge learning as I went. I'm happy with how it all came out.

If you didn't watch the credits, you should have.


WELL LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE HERE! Daily second AND front-paged? Ya done went and made my day, Tommy Floopers. I'd like to thank the academy.

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awesome animation

that got dark very quickly , but okay , any way good animation , and good quility, it reminds me of that one game,"Limbo"

The feels when you remember him hugging his mother at the beginning...

that was very cool.... i was hoping i was wrong on the twist nooooooooo hahah really loving the stitch punk art style keep it going ^_^

Don't wait for life to get better, because it doesn't. Where you're at, that's it. There's no one waiting, and it won't help you to look. The world is a half-dead writhing corpse with little bacterial colonies thrusting their way in and out of total oblivion. It's a nightmare out there. There's no more for you, and that's that. Just settle in and don't ask to know more, and for fuck's sake, don't pay attention to the ladies. Because which ever one you've got your eye on, that's the one they get to. That's who they take. And there' no going back. And no unknowing, and it's all real and unremovable. Just stay where you are, get comfortable, and never leave. Never look out. Never reach, never lean, never seek out anything more, because it's not there. Everything there is, is already where you're at, and there's no going over. Unless you're already at the horrid orgy and you're not excluded and the jealous fit is thrown by the inconsequential you don't understand, in which case, you're on the good path. You were born with the right genes to complement what you do. Maybe you're made for this planet, and maybe you're not. But if you are, watch out those who aren't, because there's one who understands it better than you but doesn't have the convenience of friendship to carry him to where you go with your fleshy pleasure companions-- and if you're the outcast, then seek no further, for all that's to be found is for the Vitruvian and his smiling hedonistic pleasure sluts. There's nothing else. You're one or the other. It's good to know early.

Big-Bad-Bombus responds:


Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2015
11:20 AM EST