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Checkpoint Challenge

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Checkpoint Challenge Collector
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space > start

r > speed up
w > brake
arrow left or arrow up > turn left
arrow right or arror down > turn right

You have 60 seconds. When you at maxspeed countdown timer pause.
Each checkpoint you get 10 points.
Collect cubes to get 25 points (below maxspeed) or 50 (at maxspeed)
Collect balls to get 50 points (below maxspeed) or 100 (at maxspeed)
You have 3 lives. You lost one live when you collide with a post or miss a checkpoint.
Game over is when you lost all lives or/and time is over.
When you reach the end you get bonus points (rest of the time * 100)

1. few sounds (tested with Firefox, Chorme and Internet Explorer). Sound problems with Internet Explorer
2. Controls (keyboard)
3. Controls (keyboard)
Added collectable cubes

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A great start.
The gameplay is solid, and i had fun playing it.
Getting more points for collecting the small green dots adds plenty of depth when the player has to decide if they want to:
a-Drive at max speed ignoring the dots preventing the time from decreasing.
b-Drive slow attempting to preserve your lives and collect the green dots
having to make this choice every time you encounter a checkpoint is excellent for player engagement and depth.

The controls do not really match up with the direction the car is moving.
I would recommend rethinking the control scheme.

Add in a difficulty curve and with a little refinement you have a pretty solid endless driving game.

Great job.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

Thx. c-Drive at max speed trying to collect the dots to get double points for it.
I changed the controls. Up/down is for me more difficult because i can only use one finger.
From this difficulty more and more? I think about it.
Game has an end around 1000000 pixels away.

The controls are a bit weird, but still alright to use. I think it would be best to them go by what we see on the screen - so switching the keys would have made this better (UP to turn left, DOWN to turn right, LEFT to slow down, RIGHT to speed up). The game could also use a better appearance as well with some sound effects.

Overall, not too bad of a concept, and I think it has potential.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

THX. I have problems with sounds, don't know what i did/do wrong or C2 is buggy. I wanted to use sprites with shading and shadows on the ground but C2 seems to be buggy.
I guess this concept is better, when i build levels manualy and add things and not so focus on speed but with strafe function. My first game "Collect!" has strafe allready.
Controls i'm not sure, maybe it is unusually but up/down for left/right i guess reaction time would be slower.

Edit: Sound problems with internet explorer.

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2015
11:14 AM EST