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Pardon My Genie

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I'm back and I am back with a bang!

A young boy stumbles upon a genie's lamp.

Julius, the Genie, is voiced by- www.hortonsvoice.com

The Boy is voiced by- http://brynimation.newgrounds.com/


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Kombo, I had a lot of fun writing this along-side you. I feel like this project was probably one of the best things I've written since the WWII short. Also that thing you asked me to start writing... I started after reaching the Dan Howell level of procrastination. I am almost finished, however, and plan to send it to you quite quickly. In the meantime, any work you need be it character designs or additional writing, just hit me up, and I would be more than happy to help. Thank you also for dedicating to Leah.. I'm sure she would've been proud :') She always liked things like this. Hope to work on many more projects with you ^_^ It's been what? Four so far?

Kombothekid responds:

I believe so!