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Murderess' Visit

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Hello, Newgrounds! I haven't uploaded anything for quite a while, but here's my latest animation: Murdress' Visit!

I made this for school. I'm supposed to spread this clip to as many as possible via internet, on different platforms. So if you like the animation, and want to help me, please rate, leave a comment, and watch it as well on Vimeo and Youtube :D


I was inspired by comics as Modesty Blaise and Sin City while animating this one. I had a ton of fun, and learned a lot. I have never spent this much time on one single animation, so It'd be lovely to hear what y'all have to say :D

Btw, I also have a brand new website I built from scratch (I'm so proud of myself today). I spent sooo many hours working on that one:

Thanks for watching!

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Animation made really well

Great Animation. The aspect Black & White made that good sensation for animation.

I like how the black and white capture the despair of the situation. Nice job.

Nice! I really enjoy the vintage comic style! I read a bunch of'em back in the days. This is worthy of five stars for sure! Will you make more of these?

Carr77 responds:

Only time can tell if I'll make more in the same style ;) Thanks for watching!

Like the whole dark atmosphere and the (semi) cliffhanger as well, leaving to question who shot first...
Great work with the animation style (especially since you constrained to black and white, primarily)... That can be a tough medium to work well, so props...

The animation was smooth and the VA was accurate, well timed, no hidden glitches or anything, so it comes across clean, even on my current piece of... well... you know... cheap...

Interested in a conclusion, though it's looking a little out of hand (story wise). You might plan on furthering so we can find out if she goes on to find this guy (Mr. Death) has a boss who called the "hit", and does she take care of the rest of that organization as well...
Part of the Sin City influence should probably include some hierarchical underworld, crossing mob bosses with politics... Remember? That's how Frank Miller would've wrote it.
Okay, so you're not Frank Miller, and you probably never really intended to be, but... You can understand my suggestions... and that is (after all) what they are... suggestions.
Otherwise, Great work, and keep on it... you show promise to grow as an artist. And always, the more time you take to work, the better your product will be...

Credits & Info

4.92 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2015
4:51 AM EST