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Pokemon Super Fans!

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Ever wonder what the fans in the stands at Pokemon Stadium are really like? Me too.

I originally made this in June of 2013 so sorry if any of you have seen it before!

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Fucking hypocrites!
The tournament they went to was for babies.
All the other tournaments are for all the cool people.
I'd only go to the Petit Cup just for the free toys.
And then I'd go watch all the other tournaments.
Can we bring Pokemon we got in other regions?
Even if it's a Pokemon normally found in Kanto?
Mewtwo will be no match for Mega Mewtwo X!
Yes, I will be using Mega Evolution in the tournament.
Even though Mega Evolution hadn't yet been discovered.
I've always wanted a professor that studies Pokemon fusion.
Heard we may be getting one in Alola, but is that true or a rumour?
Still want it to happen anyway 'cause Pokemon fusion would kick ass.
It'd be so fucking awesome to actually have my Pokemon do a fusion dance!

Hell yeah I like Pokemon....my favorite pokemon:

Pikcu, Charmander, Raticate, Geodude, Onix, Ninetails, Pigeyotto, MagneMite, Mew, and Mewtwo and Mewthree

Love this matireal, im a fan of this now

This was really good! Funny and well-made, too! I like it a lot. =D

Best part is when he rips his shirt off. I loved it!