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Callapitter Sill

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[Main Info]

Full Title:
How to Draw Show and Tells - S02E15 - Callapitter Sill

Episode Description:
Drawing - Callapitter Sill. it's Caterpillar Type Bug but without Limbs.

Note: Sorry! for the ending was cut short Recording must have stop when I was using Key Shortcuts that stop the recording.

Created and Directed By:
Alberto Armentero (Toonyman)

Music Credits:
Eastminster - Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
[Other Info]

Shows Description:
How To Draw Show And Tells: This is a show where, I Toonyman
Draws, Tells, Teach or Shows something related to Art in many forms and in My own ways.

Series Description:
These Series are a Bunch of Mix and Introduction to the How to Draw Show and Tells Series. There's currently a Total of 5 Series Planned. This being the first Series Part. 0 with a Level difficulty of 0. Everything is in baby steps it's loose drawings and Art Stuff nothing too serious for these Series.

Note: How to Draw Show and Tells is the name of the Show! it those not mean is a "How to Draw". It's a Mix of Art related Topics Demonstrating My own Techniques and Show Casing My work. There is a Learning part but not for these Series. This Series are a mix and samples of what to expect when the real and or next series is Public Release. So stay Toony!

Read My Post for More Info (http://toonymanstudios.newgrounds.com/news/post/921805)

I,m not a Professor, nor a Professional Artist or your Typical Artist. I'm a Hobbyist/Passionate/Artist At Heart My Art Skills are My Own.

All Logos, Artworks, Video and Related Elements are
Toonyman Studios © All Rights Reserved

Please Visit and Subscribe to My Youtube Channel.

Artsyware Store:
"Toonyman Thanks You!, for your Support"

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This video is really nice. I think i can trust myself for anything.

ToonymanStudios responds:

Thanks you can learn what all this is if you Read My post for more info http://toonymanstudios.newgrounds.com/news/post/921805.

you can also follow me! you never know what I may coot up next!

That sure is a giddy catepillar. Uuumm...I usually don't feel like speed paints belong on newgrounds, but I don't mind them most of the time because their usually of something that's really well drawn for isntance when shadman uploads his speedpaints here (not like he can put that shizz on youtube) but this wasn't even that great of a drawing. Now I get this was suppose to be a tutorial of how to draw this catepillar, but without that knowledge I'd say this was a speedpaint of a mediocre looking catepillar. If you want to make this a tutorial explain to us what your doing, speech or at least put some text on the screen.

ToonymanStudios responds:

This is not a Tutorial or a Speed Drawing/Painting that comes later on another Series, These Episodes are an Introduction to the How to Draw Show and Tells Series. Also youtube is not really the best place for Art Stuff like this, it just not a proper place. Newgrounds however is a perfect place.

Read My post for more info http://toonymanstudios.newgrounds.com/news/post/921805.