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Greetings, everyone:
Thank you in advance for watching my animation.

On the planet Quintus-Oneil, mankind encountered a strange eclipse that transformed a large part of their population into fierce purple-skinned creatures. This transformation would later be labeled “Cyotsosis” and the infected known as “Cyotsoians”. For those who the infection only affected their appearance chose to continue living their lives in seclusion; but others saw the benefits of their transformation and sought to conquer their world. After several decades of war, both sides agreed to a cease fire. However, in the year 2205, an assassin had begun murdering several politicians using an unknown ability not seen by either side. The government organization, the C.C.U (Cyotsoian Chaser Unit) is called upon to apprehend this killer before he strikes again.

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All in all, you did good work. There's not much to complain about. As for a short and sweet advancement that would offer the best "bang for your buck"... I would point out that the sound-effects seem to drown out the voice-over audio. You might need a little experimentation here, but should you tone down the general sound-effects and music (background) to add to the voices, storytelling, and "regular" audio, I think you'd find a remarkable improvement.
Of course, there are place where the physics gets a little stiff and some of the movements seem constrained, but the best advice on those matters is to "take your time". You'll get it all hashed out if you mean to. That's small stuff, even as visually impacting as any of it is. Relax, and lets get the story told. Right?

Grey-Matter responds:

Thanks! I apprieciate your advice; especially about the sound. I intend to make improvements in the next episode.

An inspiring start to the series! You get initiated in the story right away too, though I had to pause that initial story screen to read through it, the text chunks are pretty big! Maybe you could scroll through them somehow, make them seem more readable? The physics overall look good, though there are unnatural parts, like how 'light' she seems to be when she's kicked to the ground at the start of the battle, how hair falls down as if it were one larger object, not strands, hits and kicks at times seem to lack weight, and the shadows on the character faces feel a bit too contrasting against the light, and as for the light. Light sources could be more radiant too. Lightning looks a bit thick and bluish, edges (such as faces) not always particularly smooth, though you probably know about this already, assuming it's not so easy to make 3D animation look perfect. Overall it looks good though, looking forward to pt 2!


Grey-Matter responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. I'm still in the learning stages when comes to 3d animation and storytelling. I intend to make drastic changes in the next episode.

Yay! Another story arc! But this time it's sci-fi! And it looks like afuturistic World Doctors, but kind of not as good! This is... I don't want to say okay because I can tell that you worked very hard. It is okay though. Is that bad? Hell no. Most of the stuff I have reviewed today has been absolute rubbish. This I would take over most of the things I've seen in the past week. But that's my opinion. I don't base my reviews on opinion. The writing is actually pretty good. It's nothing too interesting, but it's enough to make me want to see the next episode. The characters, I don't give two shits about the characters' names; they all look too similar. I would have given them different outfits based on... I don't know, rank. They same to be working for an organization so someone must have been there for a longer time than the others. The animation is meh. It looks good in some parts and absolutely terrible in others. I said that it looks like a futuristic version of World Doctors, which would be a compliment if the lighting and sound weren't absolutely terrible. World Doctors is bad but it's supposed to be bad. You can tell from the animation. But the lighting and sound are always good in that series. I shouldn't be comparing a comedy to an action series, but that was what I thought about when I saw this. With all of those problems though there is one platinum lining (platinum lining - like a silver lining but about x3 as good), and that is the potential for this. You could improve the animation, have them find different suits for them to wear instead of the shiny black and blue latex suits, add some more characters. I wish I could give this a better rating because I can tell you worked really hard on this, but I'm here to tell you and others how it is. Good work. Needs improvement.

The modeling is exceptional, the voice acting is passable, but the animation is stiff, the story is nothing new, and the sound effects are terrible. In fact, the poor stock-sounding foley is enough to take me out of the work; I just can't take it seriously. Footsteps are louder than dialogue, the whooshing sounds people make when they move make this cheesier than a Power Rangers episode, and the voice audio levels are all over the place. There are some extremely obnoxious and jarring sounds in there as well, such as around 13:30 when the hologram screens are appearing.

I can tell you've put a lot of work into this already, but that's no reason to stop short on sound. It really can make or break you.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2015
11:15 AM EST