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Dragon Idle Animation

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A dragon hovering, getting hit and collapsing. The hover and the collapse were different projects done over two weeks. It took that long because they're class assignments, and I had a full week before each was graded. They didn't take near that amount of time.
This is my first time dealing with flight and collapsing in my animations.

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Overall, you've done a man's job, here. It looks like you're even actually trying for authenticity. I'm only pointing it out because you are REALLY close. However, there is a little more vertical play on the wings than a "proper flight flap" would have.
Believe me, the last thing I'd want is to discourage you, but for an ornothoid (which is essentially birdlike in behavior) a "proper flight motion" to the wings is down and forward and then up and back, basically producing a sort of "figure of 8" if you will. Anyway, in case you were interested, such are the mechanics of biological flight (to the best of my knowledge anyway) and as I stated before, You are REALLY close.
Anyways, I'm just hoping to offer something constructive, but you truly have something starting here, and Dragons... what can I say, I love them!
Good work... and looking for more out of you.

ewalkerstudio responds:

Hey, thanks so much! I wasn't expecting much response out of this first post, honestly. After all, it's not much of a "movie", and it's really more of a YouTube thing I think. I'm still getting used to this site.

But I really appreciate constructive critique for anything I do. I'll take it into account if I decide to go back and fix him up after the class is over or if I animate a flight cycle again. And I'll definitely be sure to use more reference as well.

Smooth animation. Good job.