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Saving Sara Part 3/Finale

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The final part of the "Saving Sara" story arc, also made in 2011. However, unlike the other ones, I slightly retouched the animation and added a few backgrounds and details (all because it's the grand finale) so it doesn't seem like Sonic and his friends were cursed to live in some blank void for eternity. Although, the trees were always there, the sky WASN'T. As for the others:
Prt 1: Not sure if I even touched it.
Prt 2: Slightly tweeked the audio.

Be sure to review with all fairness, as per Newgrounds guidelines because I am a by-the-books son of a gun with everything to lose. Bye! ^-^

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ANimation is hard and you did voice acting on top of that. I can honestly tell you put a good amount of effort into this, and that get my respect over anything. Thank you for making this and PLEASE keep up the good work. You will only get better with time :)

I will say this isn't really that bad. I have a few compilants of course. There is no audio(i'm not sure if you intended to not put audio in this flash if that's the case than i apolgise), most of the animations in this flash seem to be rushed, and the personalities of the characters aren't really shown well. although here are a few things i like about this flash. The Intro looks pretty well animated, The power ring reference from Sonic X and Sonic Satam, and the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA movie references.

oh i give up! my phone sux for internet for my computer so i don't think im ever gonna see it this century especially if it keeps restarting from 0% every time the connection drops so ill just give you a five based on the last 2.

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3.21 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2015
7:03 AM EST