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Dead rising 3 Animated

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An animation of some bits from one of jacksepticeye's videos. I know this isn't the type of video that's usually seen here on newgrounds but I decided to submit it anyway. This was made before my 'Manbird' animation and it was the first thing I did after not animating for 9 months straight.

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Always very smooth! Great job man!

I laughed so hard. 5 stars.

So fast-paced! Don't get half of what's going on here, thinking maybe too many game-dependant puns and references, but it entertains in pace at least! Nice work.


CrunchyyBeast responds:

Thanks man!

Great animation, great voice acting, and good visual gags. The writing needs a few more drafts, but other than that, good work.

Okay, this is a compilation kind of a thing...
At the same time, with a little work on a segway here and there, you've got something. I had to watch a couple times to be sure, but... I think a little rewrite... a little extra work, and you might come up with something that's really going to sell.
I might advise you don't abandon this just yet. Doodle on it; think about it... Hell... Sleep on it, and get back into this. It's funny as shit! Seriously...

That goes for all you newbies, noob's... or whatever young and newcomers are trying to call themselves now. Newgrounds has always been a PEER REVIEW site, and for an old-schooler like me to see someone demean themselves or their craft for not being the "usual stuff" is like Shakespeare putting a gun to his head because he "might not be British enough"...
PAH! It's craft! It's Art! It's not for the weak, the faint of heart or stomach! You have the gutts to put it out, and then you BETTER stick by it! It doesn't matter the content or criteria... Someone's going to review and critique. Have a little faith!

Anyways... Sometimes I get on a rant... And I roll with it...lol
You have a great day! Ya' hear?