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Identity(college work)

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Author Comments

this was a project at my college, to do a animination with a theme we choose. we had to make a animation for a Adobe competition. the reason why is not quite done is because.

They gave me a ton of homework. and the animation file wont work on Flash 8. i am also still bit new to whole animation thing. so it might not be that good

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It definitely needs some more "polishing"... Of course, yes, you pretty much need sound... Even a most terrible sound track is better than none at all. Yes, I mean, even out of sync, off timed... crappy in every possible manner, a sound track can't help but add to this.
Okay, then there's technical difficulties... These happen "in the field". You just remember to relax and breathe. You will adapt, improvise, and overcome such obstacles. Tomorrow's coming along, like it or not, so I promise you. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS.
I'm notorious (at least by now) for the same mantra, "Art is not for the faint of heart."... You just keep working at it until every little tid-bit, every aspect, is exactly as YOU WANT! That's the bottom line. That's the way it must be, and this is an effort of will, your will upon something otherwise lifeless in this world of ours. Don't be afraid to stretch, and continue.
Frankly, I see a great vision from you. If I'm right, you've got a real and positive message that's worthy of spreading to millions out there. PLEASE!!! Step up and just work at it. You can message me, if you need. I've contacted you now. You know how to find me, track me down... whatever. I do some voice acting, and I can certainly see the merits of your work. We'll negotiate prices and other stuff... eh... it's not even that important for a proper student of art. Believe me, I understand what it is to be a "starving artist"... Anyways, it's a great idea to start with... Get a little more work in on it, and if you need you can find some help around here. When you come up with a final polished version, a "finished product", I'll be only too happy to amend or add to better marks for you then...
You have a great day, now... ya' hear?

Akari19 responds:

thanks, i will try. after all. animation is harder than art. i have so many stories to tell. of a world like unlike any other. but i just lack the skill to bring it to life. i hope someday i can show that world to everyone. to inspire them. like the world inspired me . well i am just starting animator. i been drawing for far to long. to just be staring artist. lol i just forgot how long i been drawing.

college work? spelt follow wrong, other than that, it could do with some sound. Good Job!

Akari19 responds:

yeah my English is not that great. thanks anyway. i will try be more accurate next time

This is, like you said, unfinished. The lack of sound is jarring and I'm not sure if the misspelling was on purpose or not, but it really didn't add to the expression if it was. I would suggest, adding a LOT of depth to this. Drive the point home why the kid was rejected, give him a backstory as to why he didn't conform, add some animation to the characters. Implement these few things, and you could become a great artist on here.

Akari19 responds:

i am a beginner , so don't expect miracles. sure i will try. thanks for the advice. but the time. didn't allow me to add more story to it. and my skill it about as good. as when i stated drawing.

hey come on! take it easy on all those twilight fans.

Akari19 responds:

lol sure


Akari19 responds:

my whole life is weird lol

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2015
4:27 PM EST