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Shovel Knight Animated 1

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An animated intro for my upcoming shovel knight animated episodes.

Shovel knight, is a kick ass game focusing on the NES style game play, its a perfect mix combo of castlevania, Megaman, Duck tales and Zelda II.
since I adored the game I had to make something to tribute towards its publicity so I decided to make my first real project in animation about the amazing shovel Knight!

these will be short sketches of shovel knight on his adventures and will also include appearances and special episodes from boss characters such as king knight, tinker knight, propeller knight and many more!

All shovel knight characters belong to Yacht club games
This is an independent fan project completely animated by me, IceBridget ( Bridget Kay)

( I am unsure weather or not to include voice actors in this project to voice main characters such as shovel knight or the enemie, but tell me what you think about it and I will sure consider it if it seems better than the text scrolling)

but for now..

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I see on your Profile this is your first movie on newground.
Its pretty well done for a first try. Have you made other stuff like this before? If you did you should put them here / Give us link. :)

I love Shovel Knight, I'm looking forward to watch your serie.

Best of Luck.

Btw; I don't think voice acting would make this better. You nailed it the way you did. It keep it true to the game imo.

IceBridget responds:

aw thank you yes it is, although I have admired newgrounds from afar when I was younger, I decided to take a leap into things with a project that really sparked my interest.

not a smart move for my very first animation now it seems, but Good thing is Im almost done with the first episode! its a whopper

I have done gifs and art too, so I may upload that too yes, it is all mainly on my deviant art account, but im sure I could move the stuff over given the time, Its tricky as exams are coming up soon, so the work has been put on hold for now.

And you think so? that a reviler, considering the first episode has dialog in it too. I think its good with sticking to text too.

thanks ^__^

PS. heres My deviant art account if you wanted a look at my past stuff

I liked it, but it needs more motion tweening.

IceBridget responds:

Ill keep that in mind for the future ^__^ thank you

Whoa I love the character design for shovel knight!

IceBridget responds:

Thanks! ^____^ I was a little bit worried that they would lack in character compared to others fantasic expressive work in comic form but im glad it appealed! :D

A wll done trailer. Just goes to show how inspiration can strike anytime. Good job.

IceBridget responds:

Thank you!

That was a good trailer; it didn't consist of clips of a future work but instead explained the rationale for why you're making a cartoon. I loved the sonic poster on the wall; I got distracted by how funny it was as first. I definitely want to see the complete cartoon, so keep up the good work!

IceBridget responds:

Thanks, Im glad you liked it! Yes the background deatial was a last moment sort of think that I thought up, but its great that it appealed. Im working on the animatic for the cartoon as we speak so it still has a way to go but it should be out soonish. I just need to decide if I should include voices for the characters or not.

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4.00 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2015
7:29 AM EST

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