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Final Fantasy VBall

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SNES Final Fantasy 6 meets NES Super Spike Volley Ball.

-Currently considering an FF flash game called Final Fantasy Insanity.

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Very cool

I wish we had more stuff like this the graphics we're pretty good and some really nice action scenes in this one my advice here would be adding much more special effects and flashy moments on this but overall this was pretty cool stuff

Really good stuff here maybe more action effects and flashy effects at that


Wish there were some real games as random as this. XD Crazy combos, and a vicious volleyball game! Nice work.


Good, however

I can't give this more than an 8 because I don't agree with the ending. I mean, Sabin FLIPPED A TRAIN WITH HIS BRUTE STRENGTH.


I never played the NES game this is parodying, but I sure as hell played FFVI...
This whole thing was just flat out awesome. I loved it.

Oh, and, I noticed Doom Castle from FFMQ playing at one point... Sweet!

Thought it was gonna be lame

Until.... the whistle song came. Great shiz.