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These are a few of the cartoons that are part of a Pokemon Gen 3 Collaboration that is in progress and we want more people to join! It doesn't matter how you animate it! 3D, 2D ... anime, stick people, stop motion, as long as you join us on this adventure!

The animation must stay within the Hoenn Reigon, animate something about early generation 3 or about the new awesome games! (Pokémon AS & OR).

Are you interested? Well then, just PM;


-Must be in 1920 Width X 1080 Height format.
-24 Frames per second.
-Skit must have Characters or Pokémon from the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games, Or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

If you are kind enough to contribute and finish a video, post a .swf file of your video into the Dumping Grounds, and then send a PM to TheMewx with a link to it. From there TheMewx can download it and put it into the finished product and give you full credit for the hard work.
Make sure to credit your voice actors and songs as well! This is a team effort. :)
The Deadline for submissions is August 30th

This gives TheMewx enough time to put everything together so he can post it early September. If you think you need more time, message TheMewx personally on the site to see if exceptions can be made.
Thanks again!

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Hilarious. Really want to see the completed video. Good job everybody.

Syrupmasterz responds:

Yep, this video would be nowhere near as good If it weren't for the awesome voice actors. :)

Haha, entertaining Pokemon shorts... and what an innovative way to get more people into the collab too! August 30 is far away yet, might get some more free time before then to partake in entertaining ventures such as this. Great stuff so far!


Syrupmasterz responds:

I don't think I was being SUPER innovative, I just figured showing some examples would give people an idea of what the Collab will look like when it's complete.

If you did decide to make something before Aug. 30th we'd be more than happy to use it in the finished product. Thanks for the kind words! :)

This was good. Some of it I found to be funny and others I was a little confused towards it. I hope you find more ways to do this and maybe make the animation seem a bit better. Maybe try to include the sneak function on here if you plan to update it. You know when you sneak up on Pokemon in the grass and waters. Also maybe put on that Sharpedo is like super fast when you ride it using surf. Make it like zoom over the water like it was the Flash or something. Be cool if you did. And maybe something with Rayquaza and his Mega Evolution. Like make him choke on the meteorite that you give him in the game, he dies, and the asteroid hits the planet and the end. Just a few idea's for you guys.

Syrupmasterz responds:

'The Rainy Route' is one video I don't expect many people to get.
It's based on how I got startled by the Trainers that popped out of the tall grass in certain routes.
I just assumed that it would be freaky for the player to walk in the rain and have someone follow them around, which I played up with freaky music. :P

The animation for my other cartoons will be better in the finished Collab, these are just a few of mine to give people an idea of what the Collab will be like.

Thanks for the suggestions as well, you can expect better animation and volume levels from me when the full project is posted. :)

The art is awful, but tolerable. However, the voice acting and the humour is topnotch! Sincerly this animation is HILARIOUS!

Syrupmasterz responds:

Taking a good look at this video now that is fully rendered and on NewGrounds, I see that using the line tool at such a small size is probably what is causing the lineart to look so low quality for quite a few shots. Volume adjustments wouldn't hurt either so everything can be heard properly.

Thankfully, with this being a teaser I can fairly easily correct those mistakes before the Collab is finished, and keep it in mind for future videos. As well I can definitely put a lot more effort into the animation itself; I shouldn't rely too heavily on the 'squish technique'. :P

I'm still glad that you were still able to enjoy the video from a comedic standpoint anyways, I'll make sure that all of my mistakes are fixed for the finished product to do the voice actors justice. :)