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New Years animation! I wanted to draw storks, and so I did. This animation was for New Years and I didn't start this till the last 2 days before the New Year, so of course it's late. I have A LOT of reasons why. Though it's mostly because I spent time with family and I got Skyrim for Christmas.....that sucked my animation time like a vacuum cleaner. I only did a frame of animation a day thanks to that game. A later than stopped procrastinating and started working on it 2 weeks later. College and music practice did get in the way, but it was mostly Skyrim...

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and I still posted this in January, so it's not completely late. Please try to not only complete your goals and revelations this year, but make people happy while you do it. :)

(Also, the soundtrack is "Ahead on our way" from "Final Fantasy V Advance". From the most underrated Final Fantasy game.)

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Even though I did notice some of the mechanical-ish animations, I personally thought this was a great video, it gives a strong feeling of freedom. Good job as always.

Evy-Devy responds:

Thank you! Yeah, there was a few "mech" scenes in here. Mechanical movements are easy to do, probably because you first notice them when you screw up normal animation. XD

More goodness will come thank you for checking this out.

Don't know why the review ratings are so low. I thought it was warming! Feels more like an electronic postcard of sorts. Obviously, the Storks need more natural motion (and frames), but I didn't mind that. Maybe some Stork sounds, and cards falling sounds. The concept was cool, keep it up!

Evy-Devy responds:

THANKS!!! Everyone else is just a jerk... Okay, maybe that's pushing it.

My next animation will be SO much better. You can go to my homepage or news to see more about it. :)

Not sure if it's my browser but I'm having a seizure attack with the constant flashing red light :/

Evy-Devy responds:

CONSTANT FLASHING RED!!!??? You must have a REALLY messed up computer man!!

Dang, I accidently marked your review helpful. T_T Now people will think this is helpful. (No offensive.)

No one has ever had this problem before, so I'd advise blaming the bowser in instead of giving my video a low rating. -_-

You can see the full video on YouTube if it helps: