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Collect! - Glider Action

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[Attention! Maybe game doesn't run on Firefox].
Update: Turret rotate clockwise

THX to all who played my game.

Collect! - Glider Action

Collect blue ones, don't collide with red.
Game over = time out or/and hitcounter reached limit.

Max. lifetime of balls:
blue ones 10 sec.
red ones 20 sec.

Collect blue:
>Score with unlimited combo multiplayer (combo ends when time (3 seconds) run out without collecting blue or/and glider collide with red).
>Add 3 seconds to timer (limit 60)
>Add 2 to Energie (limit 100)
>You can't collect blue ones when shield is activ.

Normal Mode:
Everytime you collect a blue one firerate of the turret increase (FRI).
Hitcounter: 10

Survival Mode Extreme:
Firerate of the turret is on highest speed.
Hitcounter: 100

Game Start:
space = normal mode
shift = survival mode extreme

a = normal mode
x = survival mode extreme
Game Controls:
tabulator key = Game over

no energie required:
left arrow = left
right arrow = right
a = strafe left
d = strafe right

energie required:
up arrow = speedup
down arrow = slowdown
w = shield
space = bullet slowdown

y = Game over

no energie required:
right stick = steer left/right
left stick = strafe left/right

energie required:
right shoulder trigger = speedup
left shoulder trigger = slowdown
right shoulder button = shield
left shoulder button = bullet slowdown

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this is exactly what i want for a megaman game im working on! i call it the "comet jump" because it leaves a little tail like a comet. it bounces off of the walls like a rock bouncing on the surface, it continuously jumps, and it makes an arch movement all the time.

This is funny , nice first game :D but it could be better with more levels and upgrades . I play it on firefox and there's no problem to me

JamesXXXYZ responds:

First game but not my first prototype. Flappy bird is my reference (maybe my game is a little bit harder). Concept of this game is one area with "random" levels. Upgrades for shield and bulletslowdown? Good to know that you can play it on firefox (i can't).

Seizure were you at? :D
I would definitively have one if I would play this longer, you made the game way to complicated
than it should be, I don't think there is any need for all the commands.
But anyway props for making it as it is.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

Survival mode extrem (?) is not funny? So many balls on the screen in so a short time isn't cool? For a glider game movements are ok and shield/bulletslowdown make the game more interesting.

Like the concept, although I saw a game with similar gameplay before. I suggest making the area bigger('area', not the screen, it's annoying to zoom out to see the game clearly), and if possible, a bit better movement. The circular movements seem to confuse me a bit.

JamesXXXYZ responds:

For a bigger area i need more balls to get the result i want (result would be the same). I don't think that there is a better solution for a circular movement of the turret. Maybe i change the turret rotation direction.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2015
9:01 PM EST