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The Window Cleaner

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This song...I first heard it while playing the Eye Toy for PS2 when I was young. Something about it was just so damn fun and exciting! The more I listened to it, the more this cartoon formed in my mind...I HAD to animate this! This is my second cartoon I've created, and I really feel my skills developing further and further. I hope all you crazy guy an' gals out there enjoy it! Any thoughts or opinions are WELCOME!

***Sorry about the quality....I attempted importing PNGs into Flash to make a SWF but it just...kept...crashing...******

UPDATE!!! "Thank you all so much for the kind responses! I've always known I wanted to be a cartoonist, and I feel this little ole animation has proven to me that I may be cut-out for the profession :) That being said, I'm currently fulfilling an Internship at Cartoon Network Studios (I know, HOLY CRAP-O-LA!!!) So I'm having to put the final animation on my newest cartoon on hold, BUT I will be having some new content up by the end of the year ya animation fools! WORD. But seriously, thank you so much for all the kind words and support! Keep cleanin dose windahs Newgrounds!

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I love how you've brought this to life. I have a hard time visualising lyrics, so this was perfect for me. I knew Formby's stuff was risque, but damn... he really was pretty tongue in cheek, particularly for his generation! It's nuts to think that that song is nearly 80 years old!

haha I love the old feel to it!

I love the retro feel. I just love it. I even removed half a star because I had to step back and learn the song.

Frobrother responds:

Thanks a lot! It's such a catchy song...I went crazy during the lip syncing sessions lol

love it !!!!!!!!

Oh 20th century wtf happened to you

Frobrother responds:

It was always wtf...this song is proof!