Newgrounds vs Deviantart

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This was originally for Newgrounds 20th collab, but I decided it would be too long. (I'll probably make something else for it).

Anyways, I thought it'd be funny to make a thing about the battle that is clearly on everyones mind:

Newgrounds vs Deviantart

Mostly, this makes fun of Deviantart (not that I hate Deviantart or anything).

Thanks to VolcansMusic for the song! Be sure to check out more from him:

Other sound effects from:

and Street Fighter II
EDIT: Thanks so much for the front page!
Also, thanks for the reviews, sorry if I don't reply to your comment.

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하,뉴그라운즈 팀이 져서 아쉽지만, 어쨌든 정말 재밌어요!

this is sooo true lol

Love it so much truth to it ^^

Kind regards,


A battle between the giants!! And what a genius series of attacks. :D NG looks a bit like Abobo in this one. Also feels like those name/level/HP boxes are oddly placed, like the DA one is with the NG dude and vice versa, but setting such minor confusions aside: this was awesome. Battle against YT up next hmm? Keep it going!


There was a point and time where I used to make a home in DeviantArt. I did criticisms and reviews of peer-to-peer artwork and flash stuff, just like I do here. Those days have long-passed, and I like to think this is a pretty good representation of my experiences there.

Some Guy: I drew a dragon! Doesn't it look cool!?

Me: should the legs bend like that? It looks nice, the back legs just look very out-of-place.

Some Guy: WTF!? Fuck you!

That's generally how most of it went. Couldn't give anyone over there a straight piece of criticism, or they blow up at you. I once offended someone of a huge amount of clout with a very glaring, relentless review of one of his stories. I complained about how the progression was piss-poor, and any interaction the characters had with one another was pretty much pissing in the wind because of it. His response? Block me, then send all of his brain-dead fans to piss on my reviews ever since. Couldn't go anywhere without SOME degree of hatred levied towards me, so I finally called it quits.

But I'm getting off-topic. This is a good parody, almost a perfect interpretation. Animation's choppy, but I believe that's intentional, so I won't take off for it. All in all, solid piece, really enjoyed it.

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Jan 19, 2015
1:38 PM EST
Comedy - Parody