Dead People Rights

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The People Who Talk About Important Issues Club comes together to discuss important issues...but one of their members insists on focusing on the rights of one group of people...dead people!


(Is the middle character supposed to be based on Prof. Snape from Harry Potter?) I thought the animation was ok. I didn't quite understand the issue at hand, I was confused on the dilemma behind dead people rights. I feel the animation could have been smoother too, specifically when characters talk, it felt a bit choppy. Maybe adding more keyframes in between mouth positions. Sometimes I felt the audio was a little too sharp at points, I like crisp audio, but I felt this was too crisp at points, where audio levels would peak and you can hear feedback from the mic, then again I'm wearing headphones too and it may be different via speaker.

I thought the voicework and the effort was good though.

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Funny thing that they don't mention history class as a class about teaching the living about the dead. That aside, the video was mildly funny. Decent job overall.

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This is pretty good for what it is. Good voice acting, and nice art work. Keep it up!

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The dialogue was well done. The art isn't top notch or anything, but it does a good job getting the message across.

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I kinda like the angle you took, but I felt the humor fell a little flat.

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2.43 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2015
9:51 PM EST
Comedy - Original