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The Heroic Rooster

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Big Guy 5 Points

Now you can Fly

Evolution 5 Points

Grow up to a little rooster

Face 2 Face 5 Points

Face the Shit !!

First Grave 5 Points

You were Dead , Right ?

Great Fall 5 Points

The Starting of game !!

Pee jet 5 Points

You can't match its speed

Cock in City 10 Points

Chapter 2

Code 10 Points

Find A code In the level

Eggs 10 Points

Save a game

First murder 10 Points

Kill a little ant

Loud Noise 10 Points


Run from Love 10 Points

Puk puk !!

Up to Building 10 Points

Reach up to Sky!!

10K 25 Points

Score 10,000 points in one run

Food Factory 25 Points

Yum Yum

RESPECT 25 Points

Thanx for seeing credits

Sewers 25 Points

Is this really ....

Slow motion music 25 Points

Stare menu for 2 minutes

Wooden Flappers Alley 25 Points

Shew Ski shew !! its Flappers Alley

Disco Dancer 50 Points

Dance to the Beat

Help me 50 Points

Find a secret passage to secret room

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

It was the worst day for COCK MAN , The day when His Enemy evil scientist "SHIT" or "Sylvester Hienz tenyson" made him a rooster using his new Machines!
And The Heroic Rooster is Now in the Quest to be Human Again

Controls listed in the game

Special Thanks to JOSH MOOREY For the first level tilesets
from Gamedevundeground.com
I ( DIWAKAR ) am the creator of the game!
Plasmarift , Did awesome voice acting!!
Spinwires made the Coolest music for the game
And AND And Cyberdevil BETA TESTED IT !!
And The Crazy Chicken Song for "Menu"

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cool game

Eh, where to start?

Well, beside character moving too slow, there is obvious lack of the "continue game" option at the menu.

After you beat the boss that requires the megaphone, during the cutscene I clicked "x", which of course ended with the character falling to death, but the level didn't restart, which meant that I had to play this crappy game all over again, because, again, no continue option.

In sewers, during one of the jumps, the game just stopped responding, and the character stuck in mid-air. Crash, glitch, bug, whatever, I said "fuck it", not going to play all this shit over again.

Humor is okay, graphics are crude, and I turned off the speaker (mute button would be nice)
It's nice that you tried to make levels different and not repetitive. All in all the game is not hard, but it would be nice if you polished it, and followed cyberdevil's advice. And who knows, you might be a great gamemaker someday (but you have to grow some mustache first, if you know what I'm saying)?

That was awesome Well done!

DIWAKAR responds:


It looks very good, but I prefer that the jump button had been the Up Arrow Key, but on the other side I like when one has to use the two hands xD

Graphics, sound and music are very good.

DIWAKAR responds:

It was made for purpose!

Finally I get to review this! :D I've tried playing through it a few times with the goal of at least scoring 10k points in one sitting, but that is one difficult task. You can restart an unlimited amount of times, and yet without the score it doesn't feel so rewarding... I'm thinking a system of lives would have been nice here, maybe you could gain them the same way you transform, with a certain amount of seeds? Or by jumping on a certain amount of enemies? The game itself is fun, but it all ends a bit suddenly. And, on the other hand, it never ends! You can't lose! :P It really is a challenge to get a highscore...

As for game mechanics, I feel like a lot of the feedback I left in the Beta phase still applies. How platforms seem a bit too slippery compared to normal ground, how you slow down every time you land after a jump, walking down stairs, etc, how certain platforms aren't clearly outlined or somehow made to look like they stand out from the background, so in the running level in particular it's easy to at first not know when you're supposed to jump or nor (thankfully you don't lose points here!). I'm glad the 'bugs' were ironed out, but the gameplay itself could be smoother!

The game is still a lot of fun though. I love the attention to details, how you can roar at Diwakar while he's reading the paper (could have a medal for that), the voice messages, the small traps and random obstacles, the different modes of play, that creative save animation (:D), etcetc. Music's catchy too, and the menu easter egg was fun as well. I still haven't actually completed the game but... maybe I will! Just struggling with that first 10k. Good game overall; btw: Happy Birthday!


DIWAKAR responds:

Thanx Sir !!

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2015
10:03 AM EST

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