Reviews for "The Heroic Rooster"

good game m8 but the run from love medal seems broken.

Game is so hard

DIWAKAR responds:

:P Really!
Every level has a strategy!

That was awesome Well done!

DIWAKAR responds:


While not great, I did enjoy this game. I love the comment about who put those seeds there. I do appreciate how inventive it is. I will say that the graphics could have been better. The sounds were quite nice. It was weird to see him turned into a chicken.

I thought he'd be normal most of the game! Chickens are simply funny. I like the colors too. It's great how Cyberdevil helped you! Don't worry, he'll certainly review this.

DIWAKAR responds:


Finally I get to review this! :D I've tried playing through it a few times with the goal of at least scoring 10k points in one sitting, but that is one difficult task. You can restart an unlimited amount of times, and yet without the score it doesn't feel so rewarding... I'm thinking a system of lives would have been nice here, maybe you could gain them the same way you transform, with a certain amount of seeds? Or by jumping on a certain amount of enemies? The game itself is fun, but it all ends a bit suddenly. And, on the other hand, it never ends! You can't lose! :P It really is a challenge to get a highscore...

As for game mechanics, I feel like a lot of the feedback I left in the Beta phase still applies. How platforms seem a bit too slippery compared to normal ground, how you slow down every time you land after a jump, walking down stairs, etc, how certain platforms aren't clearly outlined or somehow made to look like they stand out from the background, so in the running level in particular it's easy to at first not know when you're supposed to jump or nor (thankfully you don't lose points here!). I'm glad the 'bugs' were ironed out, but the gameplay itself could be smoother!

The game is still a lot of fun though. I love the attention to details, how you can roar at Diwakar while he's reading the paper (could have a medal for that), the voice messages, the small traps and random obstacles, the different modes of play, that creative save animation (:D), etcetc. Music's catchy too, and the menu easter egg was fun as well. I still haven't actually completed the game but... maybe I will! Just struggling with that first 10k. Good game overall; btw: Happy Birthday!


DIWAKAR responds:

Thanx Sir !!