Fun Facts About Jumanji

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Animated by me,
Voiced by KaggyVA!
I'll be uploading these every Tuesday for as long as I can!

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I only understood half of what you said. You speak as fast as if you had a chilly on your arsehole

Too short, spoken too quickly, and the facts seemed entirely trivial and uninteresting and not really relevant to Jumanji.

A more interesting Jumanji-related fact would have been as follows. Jumanji (the board game) is a game about a movie (the Jumanji movie) about a book (the Jumanji book) about a game (Jumanji was originally a book describing the strange things that happened when the Jumanji board game was played). Jumanji is thus very meta.

I can verify the shoe sign since it is in my town. Than and the Pumpkin fest are all we are pretty much known for.

The fact video felt incredibly lacking and rushed in the writing, pacing and presentation of the trivia. The facts used should have more context to them to give reason to why they’re interesting. Keep searching further for more interviews, more notes on the production history and makes sure the sources are reliable. Like why was the same actor fact at the end a reference to Disney’s Captain Hook and George Darling (Which is the name of Wendy's Father)? Are there production notes that hinted to this fact, like the film crew’s reasons for the choice and if it really a specific reference to Peter Pan? If so, what are they?

The video was hard to follow due to it’s fast pace. If anyone wants to know these facts, don’t have the narrator talk several miles an hour and go right into the next fact a half second later. It needs to be slow so the information can sink in for the audience. At the very least have the narrator talk at a normal pace so the audience can hear what’s being said. I had to keep going back to the first fact because I couldn't distinguish a word he said.

Colors and backgrounds were ok and used well enough to highlight certain elements, but the animation has little movement and sometimes minimal transition to the next movement. Like the way the shoe moves across the ground was very unnatural because it doesn’t react with the ground and the front portion sinks below the part where the whole bottom portion lands. You should consider searching for visual references on specific movements if you want to pull them off. If you only wanted to tween images for animation instead of drawing them frame by frame, that’s fine, but search for tutorials that teach proper and effective tweening instead of moving the shoe across the screen like a piece of stiff paper.

Take time to find strong context with the facts, keep an eye on the pacing, and focus on making the animation presentable.

Too short, too fast.

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Jan 12, 2015
4:58 AM EST