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The Universe Is Always Right

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Everything You Know Is Wrong, The Universe Is Always Right. This was a commissioned music video by Curious Grace, a very talented musical duo from Chicago - http://www.curiousgrace.com/

Hope you enjoy!

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I felt like messaging you about this, but I decided I might as well go with a review. As usual, this has your distinct style that I adore so much. I especially loved the spinning polar bear and the evolution sequence. It was really smooth, and you managed to make it work throughout the whole video.
I applaud you on that, more than 2 minutes of animation tends to lose a small amount of quality. I also loved the song, was the idea for this video conceived from the idea of a video parallel to Everything You Know is Wrong? If so, then my childhood dream has come true!
Keep doing what you do man, can't wait for your next video!

RWappin responds:

It wasn't meant to be related to Everything You Know Is Wrong - just a coincidence. :] New video with same musicians next week!

Excuse my colorful choice of vocabulary, but this was Fucking awesome! Awesome song, awesome animation, Fantastic job!

A splendid, Wappin-y animation! A trip from start to end. It's tough to pull off practically 5 minutes of solid animation in such detail without it flagging or dragging, but you did it!

(Really nice spinning polar bear, btw)

RWappin responds:

The polar bear was cake compared to the evolution part tho

Did you see it?

iguanas do not live in Africa you silly

RWappin responds:

Not indigenous they don't. Some jerk let him loose there.