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Project Tinfoil Trailer 1

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B-movie monsters want that good Earth woman luvin', but it never ends well for them. They're trying again anyway.

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This was very well drawn, amazing!
Loved the entire idea, loved the soundtrack that you used, great work here man and super excited to see the finished result!


JeremyRay responds:

Thanks! I've got a YouTube channel with a bunch of development stuff - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZB8-srDnlgr2ttIwPb69mQ

Lots more animation but nothing that has been scored or voiced yet.

Already saw this on YouTube, but thought I would come over here to add my thoughts. Any red blooded male likes boobies. No brainier there, and surprised it took someone that long to mention it. Also, the very short scene with the vampire, and his unmistakable movement after biting, hilariously implies the humping that every watcher since Bela Lugosi, KNEW was going on. I doubt Max Schreck's Count Orlok got as much action, but you never know!

JeremyRay responds:

So you're here too, eh? Is there any place else I should be? Newgrounds has been pretty good to me and I had no idea it existed.

Originally the joke was that Dracula had been raised with abstinence only and was still a virgin, so he didn't know how things go together. It took too long to explain and wasn't that funny. I'm not sure the impotence joke is funny either, but the humping part is funny and I needed another monster to cement my horny-monsters-going-after-women-they-can't-bang theory.

I didn't realize Vampires were impotent. Impotence that makes more sense if the eggs and sperm don't work, but in my universe there are no hot young tweenie vampires. They will all be old men who can't get it up. The question now is, do I complete Dracula's story arc with Viagra or a peter pumper?

Holy shit. This looks amazing. Why does this not have a ton of views? Seriously, this looks amazing. Like, I want to offer some kind of valuable feedback but, I'm at a loss of anything this is lacking. The music, the animation, the font, the art style, it's all flawless! I guess if I had to make one complaint it would be that you could slow down the text a little to give more time to read but, even that's a bit of a stretch. GREAT fucking work. I'd be hyped as shit if this was coming to theaters.

JeremyRay responds:

Wow man, thanks! I've only had this up for 24 hours. It's been up for a week on YouTube and only gotten 137 views, so I'm thrilled with the response here on Newgrounds.

Well, It seems that I can't understand what a hax is going on here. No, realy, what a hell is going on here?

JeremyRay responds:

It's a common trope in old b-movies that the monster goes for the human girl, even if it doesn't make sense. Why would the Creature from the Black Lagoon want a human woman? Would you want a fish woman? Maybe if she looked like the Little Mermaid but not if she looked like the Gillman.

Project Tinfoil is a comedic play on that trope - the Greys have come and they have a plan to get laid. They may not understand what getting laid is, or have the equipment for it, but that doesn't stop them from trying.

Flawlessly perfect animation, and well thought of music, but the ibntro took forever and I didnt really understand much from the trailer/pilot but it got me curious to see what comes next so I think my rating is appropriate

JeremyRay responds:

About the intro taking too long, is it possible Newgrounds added something? I watched another guy's video last night that had a bunch of extraneous credit stuff on the front. That stuff seemed to go on forever. My video begins at the "5-4-3-2-1" part, which is only 2 seconds long, then the big monkey comes on.

I'm glad you liked the animation! If the trailer has you interested in the movie (or whatever this ends up being), than it's done its job. We've got too many trailers that give away the story as it is.

Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2015
2:44 AM EST