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Intro teaser Mako & Mega

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Meh something I had in mind to do but ... the voice actor never appeared and the script fell by bridge

oh yeah the music theme is called, "Stupid-ass-Loop" from some random user from newgrounds... I forgot the name maybe is "l0vemetal" or something like that

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I laugh too hard from this lol.

wow what a familiar style indeed >:D

Great artwork, and teaser!

I know there wasn't that much involved with this animation, seeing as it was only a teaser. But from what was there, was great. Two cute looking characters, great artwork, and a whole lot of potential and excitement in what is to come.

I can't wait till we see these two in action!

Keep up the good work!



Has potentional. :D

MAKOMEGA responds:

Naruto got potential and now is a hokage... Maybe i will be a hokage someday lol

dat it well that was anticlimactic but it was a good job so yea gg bye and also i see your liver

MAKOMEGA responds:

The anticlimatic talk illuminaty