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Shaman's Quest, part 9

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You'll never know what can help you to solve the problem. Sometimes everything goes wrong, but in the very end all questions have the right answers...

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never thot he'd let the whale eat him up.
then he farts like OwO wups....
runs away and then the ice breaks with the dog on top and the dog's like: im a good dog owo

husband plops the fur on wife
wife: im a wolf gal! >:D
dog: o.O

always loved how the dog always has that expression lol

Great animation and style. Nice mood and ambience :)

Loved the whole style of it! And the most important part was that the content itself was great.

Great animation, great music, and you added humor in the right places. I really like that there was no dialog in the whole animation.

It's great to see another entry in the series! My only complaint is that I do think they could be longer. It was pretty nice to see this kickass animation. Your first fart joke. That's a biggie for a lot of us. You were still seriously able to tell a coherent story.

The visuals are as amazing as ever. The music really sets up the tone. It tells so much without dialogue. I really like your technique. I still think your other series is better, though.