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Visiting the town I grew up inspired this short reflection on how time can pass and you can feel excluded from a world that was once your own.

Somewhat fitting that this is also my return to using Flash and submitting something to Newgrounds. (It's been 7 plus years!)

**Edit: Uploaded the FLV file to fix the audio problems.


Jeez, seven years... Picking time as a subject was fitting.

I enjoyed the animation itself. I can't draw worth anything, to be honest... So this looks very nice. The car jolt, and the light flashing across his eyes are nice details that I missed when first watching it. It makes me appreciate the poetry itself more, the effort not just being set on making a point across.

Since I'm still in my own hometown, this really gives me something to think about... Would I enjoy revisiting my place of birth, my parents, after I've moved to somewhere so different? Or would I realize that it wasn't a good place to live after all, after being able to see it with more seasoned eyes? With my brother moving out soon, these are important things for me to think about, which I, of course, haven't brought to mind recently. Thank you for giving me something to think about myself, it's very appreciated.

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Went back to the house I lived in as a kid. Big mistake. Memories may lie, but they're better.

That said, the audio is a bit sketchy. I turned it up, and then just replayed the movie with head phones. Animation is basic, but serviceable. Still, the story is a nice meditation of 'what could have been' situations everyone sometimes finds themselves in.

...7 years? Well, it's about darn time you're back! :)

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A slow video but its deep and meaningful and that's what counts. The audio was a bit too soft so I recommend raising the volume a little more next time. Nevertheless, decent job.

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Artwork was really amazing. Though I recommend getting Audacity so you can work on the quality of your microphone. But still, pretty nice animation. :)

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DrDeath2k3 responds:

Thanks man!
Actually the audio was fine until I brought it into Flash.
There is also a Video edit of this piece that is pristine in quality, but I only just found out Newgrounds accepts video uploads.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2015
9:42 PM EST