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This is a video for my song Drain
the video is done by my colleague Matthias Bartley

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This was cool and all, but all I saw was s clip of water flowing back and forth and then a shower thing at the end. The audio was very good, but the movie was kinda pointless in my opinion, as nothing really happend in it. It sounds like just what you said. The moview exists only for the song, which is pretty clear to see. I wish there was put more thought in the video itself, because right noow it seems like it's only there to promote the audio.
Thus I must give you two stars.

{Review Request Club}

Gergaloth responds:

Better than 0
I appreciate it
We might be too artsy but fuck it, right?

Is this real life?

This is why we don't stay in the shower for longer than 10 minutes.

Gergaloth responds:

Most of my showers take like 30 minutes
25 minutes of soul crushing introspective meditation
5 minutes of cleaning myself with a blank stare