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Sugo/ Ep:1 (Preview)

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This is just a small "taste" of what is to come in the (hopefully) near future. So far me schedule has been all over the place, having to juggle between school and soon college as well as church and other activities which take up most of my time. Hopefully ill be able to make some time everyday to be able to work on this so i can get Episode 1 out soon. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think of how Sugo: Fallen Memories looks so far!

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Well technically he did give him the bag...

This is too silly and too anime. Said no one on new grounds ever.

I love it! Its like Dragonball z style action with game sprites! Always a good mix.

So if you're getting mugged, destroy them with your fists of justice. I've learned so much from this!

And that song "too fast too strong" is silly.

An interesting sprite animation, good dialog although it has to be said that I would have preferred it if it was voice acted. At the format the dialog is currently it has the feel that I'm slowly clicking through an RPG, not sure if that's a good thing.

I'm also not a fan of people submitting previews in this way either, I'm an old fashioned "The Portal is for finished pieces only" kinda guy, although I guess this is over three minutes long so exceptions can be made and I think this could just be me. I would have also made separate sprites for the close ups. At parts such as 00:32 and 00:45 the sprites become so pixelated that it's visually unpleasing.

Other then these little bits it's a good animation, great character movements with good touches such as one of the pumpkin guys falling over. I'll be keeping an eye out for the finished episode. One last thing might be to think of reducing the length of your ident at the beginning. 10 seconds is long enough, 22 seconds is far too long.

WingedRevelations responds:

Good points. I'll be sure to look into these issues and see what i can improve on. Thanks a lot for the critique, I was honestly hoping someone would tell me how I could improve~

Not too bad. Are those sprites from Disgaea, by chance?

WingedRevelations responds:

Yup ^^